Open description for time stamps of each map! 1:42 – Nacht Der Untoten 53:10 – Veruckt 1:49:38 – Der Riese 2:50:01 – Shi No Numa ➤ Help Me Reach 1.15 …


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  1. Trump is so racist I'm american

  2. Boo Killer says:

    For me it is only 1hour and 5 min why

  3. You do make a lot of sense

  4. Nacht Der Untoten no perk challenge. Never before seen

  5. him talking about pewds got me like "I know I'm not the only one? :D"

  6. DRUNKMONK k. says:

    wtf? I might sound stupid but isn't quick revive suppose to revive you? Both Shi No Numa and Der Riese he had quick revive and was not revived.

  7. Best Best best Best YouTuber

  8. iDoesntCare says:

    Is the stream glitches for anyone else? It starts in the middle for me

  9. My highest round ever is round 100 on shi no numa

  10. Kyle Mcginty says:

    sorry pat couldn't watch stream but highest end naucht 22

  11. dylan hummel says:

    How do I access his streams? Are they on twitch???

  12. dylan hummel says:

    That "mystic wombat enterprise"' thing is a scam if you do it they will steal your Xbox account info guys report those comments about it and don't go to their website I'm sure it installs viruses on your computer

  13. He only played one map

  14. Old zombies was soooooo much better!
    Hey guys, i turn 20 on the 12th, im so close to 200 subs! Could you help me out?

  15. Watching streams is boring for me but you're different. I like you

  16. Noel Sarvis says:


  17. Wait Pat had quick revive when he went down in verrukt… Why didn't he get revived???

  18. I wanted to go to the Pier meet but I live in Texass and yes I spelt it that way for a reason. Can anyone guess why?

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