Alternate Future Of Europe Season 2 Episode 8-World War 3


Here is the new episode of the Alternate Future Of Europe Season 2.I hope you are enjoying season 2 of AFOE.Anyways,i hope you enjoyed.



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  1. bekobaba 44 says:

    sahurdan sonra yapamayan?

  2. ukrayna gitti sovyet olcak bu işin sonu

  3. i like you ideas , good job

  4. TechFalcon says:

    That just happened…

  5. TheKaiman0 says:

    Poor USA… If monarchs fall Austria and Spain still can make the Habsburg alliance

  6. Bro this video is awsome,can you give me link of map that you are using in this series,i will start mapping soon :)

  7. Edd Gould says:

    Denmark and Sweden have monarchy but oh well….

  8. Wow! Amazing! Monarchists to the wiiin! Great video!

  9. Brian Rmsis! says:

    Should have gone nuclear?

  10. Jimmauscas 1 says:

    nice but Greece could take a part of Bulgaria :)

  11. PointlessGuy says:

    Make uk into Holy Britanian empire first he joins the monarchy union then occupies usa (because people of america wants that) then holy britania ampire kills monarchy union and fall that would be called ww4 and then turkey becomes ottoman empire and tries to occupy europe

  12. Turkadia is waiting for you if you want!

  13. Could've made this into two episodes,for a more better view,anyways,Subbing!

  14. Türk adam yapınca daha mantıklı oluyor elin avrupalısı haber maber okumadan araştırmadan mapping yapıyor amk

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