Alternative Wars: World War 3 – Part 1


Here is Part 1 as if I put it all in a video , it would be about 20 minutes. Alternatively World War 2 …


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  1. I know a lot of you have been waiting for this. I had to break it up into several parts, otherwise it would've been too long. :)

  2. Dylan. Just note that the Soviets did not have Nukes until the 1950's. So the Soviets using nukes would just be impossible at this point of time.

  3. Empror Cheesecakes
    I know. :)

  4. Can you make Norway Denmark and Sweden join NATO and fight the soviets

  5. Julef Mapper says:

    What programm(s) did you use to make your new icon ?

  6. i was choosen 250th viewer

  7. Why did you put stay tuned for AN part 2. but you're British…

  8. Lisa Mather says:

    Hey Dylan, if the Soviets kept expanding their influence and Denmark, USA etc. had a war with them, wouldn't it lead to a Cold War instead of WWIII?

  9. Can you make the Allies win?

  10. fallout 4

    I have a pet deathclaw

  11. Make Mexico or another Latin American nation(s) attack the US. That'll make it interesting.

  12. noobest11 says:



  13. KonPlayz says:

    Communist World!

  14. If the CPC won the Civil war then why does it still say "Republic of China"

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