Alternative World War 3


Enjoy! I have over 420 slides in this video, I worked hard. Remember its a for fun video, its unrealistic. Subscribe for more!


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  1. YAY!Another great video i hate USA Russia Stronk USA=AmeriKKKa

  2. Adrian Vcz says:

    Dislike From Romania, Russia is poop. ???☺

  3. really nice 😀 more! pls make a asian part of ww3

  4. really nice 😀 more! pls make a asian part of ww3

  5. Paddy McCo says:

    Boo you anti EU propaganda

  6. Tr1pLeSh0cK says:

    420 slides in this video.


  7. ItsZaaki says:

    beginning anti russian mappers be like: "Nato is winning yaya. Few seconds later "oh shit"

  8. It's good but, to be honest with you, you can make it better & you did it better before… 😛 Anyway, i like the video! ;)

  9. This is not even close to what will happen and it's like usa literally didn't help at all

  10. Thomas B says:

    This was the stupid dumb fuck scenario that I have ever seen. It must be a 100% retard that has created this out of a wet dream. First, the russian air force has no chance against Nato, so it will be destroyed early in the war. Second, the russian tanks are totally inferior to the Nato one's. Russia have about 30 battalions in the western military district, about 30 in the central and about 30 in the southern district. So what russia can use against Nato is about 90 battalions, i.e between 22 and 30 brigades which is about 11 to 15 divisions. Ukraine alone has about 25 brigades and they are receiving new equipment every day. Even if Ukraine falls, they will have caused great damage on the russian army. In Poland you have 3 divisions and about 1000 tanks. In addition to that, you now have 2 Nato divisions, 1 US and 1 UK. Behind them, in Germany, you have an additional 2 division. UK and France can muster an additional 5 divisions. Now, this is without the US even sending reinforcements. If the US would transition an additional 2 heavy divisions, this is all over. Finland alone has 15 brigades and 200 Leopard 2 tanks. The last time Finland and russia fought, the Finns killed off 400 000 russians, while only losing 27 000 soldiers. Remember, all of the Nato equipment is top of the line while the bulk of the russian equipment are upgraded T72s, T80 and T90.

  11. Oliwer7 says:

    poland strong never die !!!

  12. Gene360 says:

    isn't that a Civil War?

  13. god have mercy on us

  14. Discord says:

    Nobody is perfect about predictions. Prediction is not always right. But calling him "imperfect" doesn't make you perfect at all.

  15. no no no no if that gonna do i wil go on mars

  16. serbia dont fight russia

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