American Illuminati pt.1 322


Jers some of the best footage i could find part 2 will be all the paperwork and articles, showing that everything is run by a cabal.


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  1. Your SOUL is your passports TO ETERNITY! Never sell it ! They have that's why their rituals are so EVIL ,THEY know with no soul ,no eternal life! So they kill youth to maintain their " life force " and their God of choice is SATAN and money! We are turning the lights on and the COCKROACHES are revealed! They can't run , they can't hide ! And we are in CLEANING MODE! TRUTH IS FREEDOM ! Never give up the moral FIGHT ! We will win!

  2. Sea Haggith says:

    CO OWNER of FOX NEWS in the US is PRINCE – AL -WALEED , own sthe NEWS –
    if the SAUDIS are controlling the news in the US – and the people – know
    you know why things never get to them – the OIL JUNKIES – have bought
    up the news and are pumping propaganda to the AMERICANS – wait till the
    VETS in the US see this – the SHTF in the US ….

  3. Bad News says:

    That statement at 7:44 from Antony Sutton is so true!

  4. Research the Jason and Fabian societies.

  5. babylon hmmmmmm where did i hear that be for …let me think… oooo yes ON MY TIMELINE FROM FACEBOOK !!! lol i was skipping (because i know it) and i saw bush ! lol just gave them some points on my facebooktimeline and YouTube ..evil is funny…(and needed),(see my texts on playlist 21+ ONLY) if you don't get 4 billjion people to believe me they will kill 4 billjion be for my other me will kill 8 billjion..even this seems funny because if i chat billjion it does not look much… and no mather what happens i win… BELIEVE IT OR NOT !!!!!

  6. mr. kerry just scored allot of points whit an old clip almost choked myself… but i am not aloud to laugh.. i love you all masonairs thank you if they don't listen the normal way get ready for the hard way sheeple !!!! they have the codex btw !!! 1000ns years old HOLYCODES  on every clip you look you must think about this.. THEY have the CODES !!! they know what to do !!! but can not say it because this is ALSO in the CODES only there own ..that's why if some one talks he/she dies.. because that one risks the fait for all of us… if the proves are to much fait itself lose it's rights! i am the only 1 on the globe who can tell…(and Always remember that there is no good whitout evil)

  7. Funki Bloo says:

    Megyn Kelly has Alifantes. on from Comet Ping Pong. It's pathetic!Look up the Utube video 12/15/16. Sickening?

  8. i pressed like and i am nmbr 213 does that mean annything? i diside who comes in ! if i don't like you …you die… same counts for youre souls.. if i don't like you—> torture! but if you study all my texts you can find out that even that(torture of youre soul) is a GOOD thing…(21+ONLY) halleluYAH

  9. Walter Parks says:

    know thy enemy, least he enter you're house and utterly destroy you

  10. even if it was not a secret you would not understand it takes manny proves be for you see! i am prove of that… i gave 20% while only 1% should be enaugh… and good job masonairs.. you ppl say secret, but you have even a card game.. and you look at this clip..what is the secret? —–> fait in ME not the devil…

  11. can anny one help me .. i know of a building in new york it was an old building what looked like a church close to central park this is a verry special building and i wonderd if it is still there.. they used it as a special school manny years ago! i should look at google..

  12. maybe after this clip some insiders(who had study'd my texts) will understand why tesla and einstein had builded a 5d tv … and brother hood of death! get it? they will do there jobs if you don't ! > the normal way…or the hard way.. see? better wake up.. better accept that it is me.. good for youre own good night sleeps aswel… merry x-mass

  13. Fez V says:

    Interesting except why the fuck do these videos always have retarded sound effects?

  14. Mark Kozak says:

    They don't fear God

  15. Razor Queen says:

    I just noticed at about the 28:00 minute mark, there are photos of US soldiers torturing what look to be middle eastern prisoners. If I remember correctly, these are either Iraqi, Afghani or Guantanamo prisoners?! I also noticed that the US soldiers were placing these prisoners in the same kinds of sick and obscene poses that I now know to be satanic sacrificial poses. What would make American soldiers behave in this way? I hate to admit studying this whole recent and very disturbing Psy-Op called
    P i z z a G a t e along with my other observations of W i K i
    "P O D E S T A" info & all the spirit cooking and perversion, but It's not too hard to see that these prisoners were placed in the same kind of sick satanic ritualistic "Skull & Bones" sacrificial positions that we saw throughout the
    P I ⚡️⚡️ A G A T E leaks. I remember some creepy ass satanic artwork displayed at Tony Podesta's home online recently. WE HAVE STOOD BY AND LET SATAN INFILTRATE EVERY ASPECT OF OUR WORLD, OUR COUNTRY, OUR GOVT'S AND OUR LIVES!! Since most of our last presidents and most recents POTUS's and Gov't hierarchy have all been in Secret Societies like Yale and Skull & Bones, so there's really no doubt in my mind that all these constant wars, death from wars, missing people and children, aborted babies, dissed US veterans, foreign prisoners of war and SO MUCH MORE HAVE ALL BEEN ABOUT BLOODLUST AND HUMAN SACRIFICE TO SATAN!! I thought it was just all about power and money, which is true, but it's really ALL FOR SATAN….HOLY FREAKIN CRAP!! This rabbit whole is SO DARK AND SO DEEP!! It's almost like our country, America The Beautiful, never even had a chance since she was infiltrated and taken over by these satanic sicko's almost immediately after her conception(or maybe even before). Think about all the terrible genocides of the past, and the the ones going on right now under our noses!! Satan is the name, and The Bonesman's NWO Anti-Christ Machine is the game!! We Have To Wake up now people! WE ARE IN THE LAST HOURS OF THE LAST DAYS!! Not trying to go all "Bible Belt" on anyone here, but the only way out of this living hell that is about to be thrust upon us is JESUS CHRIST OF NAZARETH!! I'm seriously GRAVELY concerned for what's about to go down. Your city or mine could become ravaged and war torn just like Aleppo! WE ARE NOT IMMUNE OR SAFE FROM THIS POSSIBILITY IN AMERICA! You could be posting on facebook without a care in the world, and BOOM….Out go the lights as a rain and hail of bombs ravages America! May God have mercy on us all! Thanks for all that you do RFB!! I'm out….

  16. MrRtschirret says:

    RECO there asses, one and all.

  17. ouchyg says:

    This video is the truth. The scariest part is, Skull and Bones are not even halfway up on pyramid of power. Just another private sect of Free Masonry and the much large cult. Its so large its intimidating. West Point, Annapolis, Harvard, etc…etc -they all have sects like this that recruit in college for the larger beast.

  18. Of course "they" only intermarry/breed with each other; got'ta maintain their satanic DNA…

  19. AskCuiBono says:

    Great work and compilation expose Ritchie!

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