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Can’t you feel it? Something big is coming in the Ukraine which is going to impact everyone across the planet. However, most of you will sit on your hands until it is too late as you have deluded yourself into thinking that because the conflict is half way around the world, that you are safe. Nothing could be further from the truth, and if you knew your history, you would already have begun to prepare for what is coming.


Americans of the World War II era do not need to learn this lesson of history. If Russia invades Ukraine and the US becomes militarily involved, your access to vital and basic resources could be called into question. Any one born into the “baby boom generation” and younger, has no idea what you could be facing. We are not fighting the Viet Cong or Iraq, we could be fighting a super power who has a significant reach deep inside of this country. My advice to you America is to make a significant shopping run after you are done reading this article. 

Putin Has Won the First Battle of WWIII

It is now clear that the Russians are in complete control of the strategic infrastructure in Crimea. The Russians control the major roads, the government buildings, the airports, the key utilities and now there are reports surfacing that they are moving to control the distribution of food within Crimea. In short, Crimea is under Russian martial law.

The Ukraine Prepares for War with Russia

Nathan Frandino, Ukraine’s national security chief, accuses Russia of being behind the seizure of Crimea’s airports and warns against “direct aggression.” The following video speaks to the fact that Ukraine has drawn a line in the sand. Unlike, Obama, the paper tiger, the Ukraine is prepared to meet the Russian incursion into Crimea with steadfast Ukrainian aggression. The following short video is an Ukrainian declaration of war against further Russian aggression against the sovereignty of the Ukraine within the Republic of Crimea. There is no interpretation needed for the following Ukrainian declaration of war.

Can Ukraine Survive the Coming Russian Invasion?

For over a week, the Russian military has had a 150,000 man contingent “on military maneuvers” within mere miles from the Ukrainian border. Historically, military maneuvers are a precursor for a war that has gone live. Ukraine’s security council has ordered the Army to immediately put all military forces on war alert. However, Kiev’s small and poorly equipped military is no match for Russia’s incursion force into Crimea. My military sources tell me that the 150,000 Russian military force operating just off their border with Ukraine, could secure the country in less than three days unless the Russians encountered a decisive intervention from NATO. If the newly established pro-Western government of Ukraine is to survive, they will require military assistance from the West, primarily NATO and the forces of the United States in the very near future. The Russians reportedly have 7 to 10 days to close the door on any meaningful NATO intervention. In other words, if Putin is going to invade the Ukraine, it will be this week.

Without Western Support, Ukraine Could Be Facing Genocide

If the Russians move to subdue Ukraine this week before the West can respond militarily, deposed and pro-Russian Prime Minister Yanukovich could return to power. And given the brutality that Yanukovich displayed towards Ukrainians, a genocidal crackdown with Russian military support likely awaits the local citizens, particularly in Kiev where the protests were especially vehement. If the government of Ukraine were smart, they would begin to arm each and every citizen and begin to immediately coach them on how to carry out guerrilla warfare because the Ukrainian military could cease to exist in the next seven to ten days.

Options for the US Navy’s Sixth Fleet

As the US Navy’s Sixth Fleet moves towards Crimea, the Russian strategy of seizing the coastal ports and airports in Crimea now makes perfect sense. Without access to the ports and airports, American marines would find it difficult if not impossible to enter Crimea. There can be no question that the Russian Black Sea Fleet has deployed its submarines to a level where they will prevent the American navy from approaching Crimea and enacting a military intervention in support of the Ukrainian troops now trapped in Crimea. Meanwhile, if Putin acts now and invades Ukraine, it would make perfect sense. Possession, as they say, is 90% of the law. Clearly, NATO is not prepared to act in time to save Ukraine. If Russia is to attack to keep Ukraine from joining the European Union, the time is now.


There is no conclusion because these events are about to become very fluid. The only accurate conclusion that can be put upon this volatile situation is that if the Russians act now and they invade Ukraine, and the West does not find a way to militarily respond, then Putin will have moved a long way in securing his long range goal of constructing an Eurasian empire capable of challenging the US anywhere in the world. Now I turn my attention to the title of this article, AMERICANS BE  WARNED:  STOCK UP ON SUPPLIES NOW BEFORE IT’S TOO LATE!  If the United States responds militarily, and the Russians retaliate, your ability to get food, heat your home, go to work and a whole host of other factors will be called into question because the Russians will respond within the borders of the United States. This will be the topic of the next article on this crisis with global implications.

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  1. levi says:

    Expect that pile of trash in washington ac/dc to lead the country to defeat. This is the most degenerate corrupt and corrupting concentration of evil oppressors to force and encourage a nation to turn to evil that has been on the planet. What goes for leadership is dedicated to total ruin and the population is oblivious, supportive or marginalized as “domestic terrorists” so the result is a given for what is playing out nationally and internationally. Military defeat is absolutely going to occur for this country. Financial ruin is absolutely going to happen. Political open dictatorship and the killing fields of any communist satanic agenda is going to happen as we have adopted all ten planks of synagogue of satan “jew” communism. The average “jew” is not the problem per se but the leadership that uses them and hates everyone else. Social collapse is going to happen and then the desperation that occurs from societal breakdown. No one is safe and the problem isn’t being able to kill the maximum desperate people, the problem is the lack of honest and just members of society. The “jew” problem would go away simply by honest and just dealings among the population but the population is trained in greed and theft by the leadership bought and paid for by central banking, the fifth plank of communism. It will take generations to rebuild the country if ever. And these events are ripe now as never before. The only wild card in all this is II Chron. 7:14 that the nation changes, “repents” from its evil ways. It takes a long time to take down a great nation and the take down has been going on for the past 100 years since 1913 and central banking and income tax. This financed the social engineering to separate the nation from its history and institutions of societal protections and just government. We are now under foreign and alien (“NWO”) occupation and can not recognize the enemy.

    • Scott says:

      Just wanted to say how on target you are. We can do whatever we end up doing next election, and we’ll likely win, but all it will do is make a few of us who see the truth , feel better about ourselves for a short time. But the damage is done. There will not be a “recovery” this time. Keep your head down, your metal bright, and your powder dry. Luck

  2. The Ukraine should just give to the Russians. They would have a better chance with them instead of the jew’s EU. The agitators and planners of the ‘Maiden’ protests will be found to be jews, that is if they haven’t skipped out now that they have pulled the trigger on the whole situation. NATO needs to keep it’s distance, but it probably won’t. The jews want this war with its potential for high goyim body counts and heavy arms sales.

    Here in the states it is now our duty to strike at the jews and their appeasers in our government while they are distracted by their blood lust in the Ukraine. They want war and death? Well let’s give it to them in spades! –

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