Fatal Alert The NEW Earth Order 2016 has begun! Usa is on the ILLUMINATIs palms!

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33 Responses

  1. eugene bell says:

    There are so many people in America that don't care. They just have been so dumbed down that they don't have sense enough to care. But the only thing that I can think of that has changed for the better, MAYBE, is we are MAYBE free from Obama.

  2. one world order with the mark og the beast

  3. we were not created to be robots or cyborgs. people have gone completely bonkers

  4. Riddick tonn says:

    I have a feeling Iran will attack Israel soon…

  5. Paula Tobin says:

    ??The American People have been deceived by the FAKE NEWS! We the People are still laughing,
    What a joke, we have no idea what to believe these days! WOW THE MEDIA REALLY GOT A BIG
    anymore, especially what the news is talking about now!!! It sounds ridiculous, just like Hillary,
    and ALL the media was doing before! Nothing has changed, it's all the same! We the gullible
    Americans still don't hear really anything about President Trump, the news still ISENT interviewing
    him? Lmao think about it, I don't hear people talking about the news anymore! Nobody watches
    That stupid shit! Anyway I like watching the Muslims in Europe, wow it's cool how they did that,
    It does look real! We will all be ????ROCKING THE WORLD FOR NEW YEARS, THIS YEAR!?
    ????HAPPY NEW YEAR PEOPLE, ??take care it's movies and popcorn, now a days lol?
    ??P.S. No one believes or trusts the media, lol??

  6. Guest route defeat profound married vote treasure.

  7. Mia mathurin says:

    If you liked this video definitely check this book out on amazon. I read it and it was amazing filled with facts that definitely opened my eyes more.

  8. Mac Gambino says:

    Facial Recognition Program aka SnapChat

  9. The Duder says:

    Nothing in your montage backs your claim.
    why do you call yourself anonymous?

  10. I have a message to you Anonymous. Surveillance cameras… It is a policing force, just another example of this new world order that is rising. Their lack of trust is put into operation everyday when their cameras are used. I think these cameras are preventing simple things from happening… such as finding love, preventing miracles from happening, and it is just raising paranoia. On the back of everyone's mind is the fact they know they are being watched, and it is driving some of us crazy. There is no space to truly think, be a free thinker, and have your physical being not be watched for it. I don't like being watched, and miracles can't truly happened if the world is so policed tightly. Everybody has precautions to look into, everybody has to think safety first, it's all nuts. As long as these cameras are up the world will not heal. Cameras in shopping plazas like malls, Target, and New York City. They have all these precautions for why the cameras are in place, but none of it happens as often as we all think. The media is responsible for massively spreading information to different counties so the uncommon occurrences happen quite frequently. This is a small problem that has slowly been destroying the world. No one knows of it, and no one may even care about it. If trust is to fully be given back to the American people, the cameras should be taken offline and used during times of necessary use. They have it running 24/7 like a bunch of idiots, wasting time, energy, and recording space.

    I know you guys are trying to help the world as well. This is a problem I think of a prevalent today.

  11. The sound in the World Trade Center I believe is HAARP's

  12. TruthSleuth says:

    Transhumanism at it's best! Oh My God! They can't see the deception behind this? Are they really educated and of course by whom? They have no mental span beyond things. Boy do I pray for these sleepyheads……..

  13. Georgia Merx says:

    Thank each and every one of Anonymous Hackers We Need You.God's Speed

  14. when you start citing fox news, you lost me!

  15. steppenwolf says:

    sorry, the antichrist already came almost two thousand years ago when constantine set up the holy roman church. what no one is realizing is this will happen whether you like it or not. "The ten horns that you saw mean ten kings who have not yet received a kingdom, but they do receive authority as kings for one hour with the wild beast. 13 These have one thought, so they give their power and authority to the wild beast." (revelation 17: 12,13) the countries of the world will give their authority to the united nations. it has been prophesied and will happen.

  16. jesus aponte says:

    They coming for you evildoers your time is up all you got left this little bit of December and 7 years and then to the Abby's where you shall no longer be or exist bye Satan slaves by old serpent Lucifer I rebouke you and your demons be beheaded by the army angels from the Kingdom THE has no ends where JesusChrist may a place and only JesusChrist is the way and only name under Heavens paradise the really saves forever and forevermore hallelujah our King is coming Israel repent now USA repent christians really repent and surrender all to our Savior king of victory who shall not be denied so non believers get right with God or get ready to perish with the one world rulers or no ruler ah? Who do you say the I am American evangelicals and Catholics slaves of the image of the beast the vigen romans antichrist false pope who made this muslims religious lias your all captives by the deceiver and accuser Satan or Enemy ok wake beloved children judgement is coming and JesusChrist shall come to very quickly hallelujah glory hallelujah amen amen amen.

  17. Hawk eye says:

    Why did you start over midway?

  18. Llonewolf #1 says:


  19. This is not good
    check out house resolution 4919

  20. Have Fun says:

    Our munitions were bought up for the rebels in Syria.

  21. ap1hondaking says:

    Tattoo that ass.

  22. ap1hondaking says:

    Then cancer in your body everywhere.

  23. hitler42088 says:

    fuck the government…..
    Heil Hitler

  24. 04:29 A mental woman and her desire to be like an animal with her MICROCHIP; go to the HELL.

  25. kash kamau says:

    this is just a collage of random clips lol still entertaining but how.

  26. Just when the NWO was about to take control, America used its Trump card :p

  27. There sure must be a lot of criminals to call for all this focus snd attention via new technology.. Really? By whose standard?
    This is and will be applied to the general population because that is what they do.
    Another notch on the gun.

  28. Currency is in seeds, medicine and clean water. Even our clean soft wool and silk is more trade-able right now. Milk and eggs and my skills in baking outdoors have come in handy. I make my own oil fuels for lamps too. I'm doing really well without money…thanks anonymous for letting me know I am not alone!

  29. idiots you applaude your imprisonment

  30. Arthur Allen says:

    The end is near
    Be ready for the Lord to return in the clouds any time
    Seek him while he can be found
    For when he returns, It will be to late

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