Anonymous Message The Martial Law ISIS Emp Attack And World War 3


Click here to protect your loved ones from upcoming World War 3: Thank you The Truth Channel For …



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  1. Click here to protect your loved ones:

  2. WTFFiwatched says:

    Amazing video, thank you

  3. ISIS? Russia? or "our own" shadow government?
    Our government has known about and left our grid vulnerable to an EMP attack. For a few billion this problem could be taken care of but no one in this government is doing anything about this or even talking about it. While the science is there that could easily protect our grid. So you tell me again who's to blame.
    ISIS is a product of this government so let's be clear, your government is behind this attack or any attack, including should it be Russia, Obama is doing everything to provoke Putin and the MSM is doing all it can to put the blame on Putin.

  4. J. Rich says:

    gotta get that book buddy

  5. Beau Mancini says:

    "One weird professor" = I'm out with this garbage style of hucksterism.
    'Doctors are Mad at this one [return device location ="true"] Mom, who found this WEIRD Trick to whitening teeth!

  6. This is not even your video…THIEF! I hope you get sued. This video belongs to blackout You outta be ashamed of yourself.

  7. Philo Beddoe says:

    And Hillary says, "You all come to America, we got plenty of room for all you 30 year old children." Hillary's vetting process, "Do you promise to mind your P's and Q's? OK, your good, next."

  8. Ulrik Brohus says:

    wow never seen a 38 min advertising on youtube before :)

  9. in ww3 October 31 Jesus is coming to help

  10. Lupe Pina says:

    this seem's legit

  11. Counter, revalution, patriots fight these scum when they attack

  12. actually emp damage can be repaired only inductivly damaged devices are affescted and then only if not shielded while the grid willt go down {with associated looting etc.} older vehicles etc will be easily repairable and only unarmed uprepared idiots will not survive

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