ANONYMOUS – New World Order is Almost Here. #OpWorldWideRevolution [[[ENGAGED]]]



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  1. Emily Cross says:

    how can I get more involved in anonymous in a practical way? I know nothing about computers so I'm looking for other ideas or sites to check out

  2. this chip on the hand is nothing the real evil chip will be put behind yhe head …like in the movie omen as that is the vital point or in the forehead which is the most important point ..the point where all our life giving force enters even in our sleep they will try to block that point to make us dumb stupid and no capacity to think …the eye of the illumaniti is the opposite of what our real focal point of concentration is ….so meditate now make your mental and spiritual energy stronger to combat the mind controlling chip that will be inserted into us

  3. I would like to share this and all of your videos with the local indians in india …but unfortunately they are finding it difficult to understand the robotic voice …I want the people at the grass root level to awaken about the nwo ..which the communist are carrying on in india …and most political parties too …have been prepping india via the nazi cia ..
    thank you for an eye opener video ….

  4. Steven Vitan says:

    i trust Anonymous all the way wanted to be a follower.

  5. James Karl says:

    You guys need to get a sound guy!! Turn DOWN the background music and turn UP the vocals of the person speaking! It's quite annoying that, even with headphones it's almost impossible to hear the person talking. Of course I do have a hearing loss, so it may just be me, but I've noticed it on a lot of your videos, and on a lot of other youtubers.

  6. we are uniting humility. we are people. we never go down

  7. when it starts unplug the TV and shut off the phones they are tracking devices shut them done now before its to late goodbye social media I've had a good time on YouTube now good bye forever

  8. Jo Sansom says:

    Should start with the police forces of the world. Every police force in every country is corrupt. There whole attitude is fucked,99% of all police are ignorant cunts and bread violence and push ppl into being arrested for the smallest of things. The world wide attitude of police is so fucked up it needs to be addressed. There is no respect from police and no one respects them because of this. They are a breed of there own,antagonizing cunts. They are suppose to be pubic servents,but they are far from it. They are all cunts. NWA fuck the police!

  9. H9.0 warning says:

    The end of times is here

  10. H9.0 warning says:

    No men will end the world order

  11. H9.0 warning says:

    Welcome back to my world world order is coming it is sad but true

  12. why can't do this each years two weeks

  13. I hope Trump and Putin become friends. Never New World Order and never Globalism. They poison us, lie to us, turn our children gay, and rob us. Arrest the Rothschild family and sick Hollywood minions

  14. ricky subajo says:

    can anonymous help our governor??? im from indonesia.. know on indonesia, the best indonesia governor in DKI jakarta got bully, because he is not muslim.. everyday they make fake news to make BAsuki Tjahaja Purnama been hated by every muslim in the world,, please help us, there is a taliban / ISIS undercover on FPI ( front pembela islam ) , they want to make a conflict , n war in indonesia, even now some people bom a church, they throw bombs to children, 4 get hurt, but now 1 child dead, with burn injuries over 80%, if anonymous can help us.. to stop fake media or disseminators of slander media, is very good, that is not a about christian or muslim.. this is about our home land motto, bhinneka tunggal ika,
    different but one also.. thank before

  15. anarchist system is not the answer

  16. power corupts.
    this rule aplies to everybody…..

  17. luke S says:

    what I'd like to know is if people are sure these things will happen why are we just sat around behind our computer screens, just mob together and linch the fuckers who are trying to cause the problems

  18. G Hawk says:

    Please update? And when you make a video please control the background music as we can't hear anonymous voice when he speaks

  19. Dark Warrior says:

    Let the revolution begin!!

  20. Hi I am one of the leading activists for the #feesmustfall movement in South Africa. All we wan is an education and a future for ourselves and our families. In 2013 our government promised to start implementing free education in 2014. That has not been done and many students have been killed, suspended and have interdicts against them. we are being shot and arrested for wanting to study. Our history will tell you that s. africans are poor and cannot afford education because of apartheid and as many first generation students we have to face black debt (having to take care of family and support younger and poorer siblings and build a home for you family, ect) when we graduate. We are still very much oppressed and need your help please.


  22. I'm ready to join OMA Kama not so shame

  23. deslocc124 says:

    So true, first the backround music does tend to get a little too loud, almost drowning out what is being said. And for the famous types to fear their careers either being destroyed or worse is all within good reason, since the elite control the media and they could print or produce some lie or maybe even the truth, exposing the person and then black balling them so they can never work again.. We as a people need to take back our world but peacefully, we should only use force as a defense. It's time to stand tall.

  24. does that mean no more school

  25. Mr. Jer says:

    hell yesss attack of the rebels!!

  26. turn the fucking music off!

  27. Eric1966ish says:


  28. Alan Booth says:

    you need to sound edit your video better to help get your message out can't hear the message over the music.

  29. Kaleb Fross says:

    remember, remember the 5th of November.

  30. jimmy V. says:

    hay am from mauritius!!!did you just said Dodo's were stupid?

  31. George H.W. Bush was no good for this reason

  32. you would always think that George H.W. Bush would be behind some of this new world order

  33. Gig says:

    I'll fight anytime for anonymous

  34. how can I quit my job the only way that I can afford to take care of my kids, I do understand totally what the government is doing to me, and what it's done to my children, you see I'm 55 taking care of my grandkids. I work hard everyday and get nowhere I'm just lucky to be able to eat my rent I don't own a home anymore. but I will fight for a revolution that will stop the b***** that's going on in America today only if it's for all people the human race not individuals segregated races if I find out that once the revolution starts and it's just for one race I will fight against you take off your mask let us see who you are you want to be followed you want to be listened to take off the mask my forefathers weren't scared I'm not scared in the name of God let's figure this thing out.

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