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  1. solve inflation. new international currency, value not based on national export nor commodity, but on total trades occurring among nations in pact, printed without debt, distributed in proportion to population, counting as wealth in itself.

  2. @Anonymous Official **All dictators of the last 150 years have been US Capital Establishment spin-off or ruse.

    Conservatism accretes power as Liberalism disperses it. All dictators have been conservatives of their respective brandings. They all project their Individual nature over the Collective and are intolerant of those outside their Individual likeness…

    Individualism, source of Conservatism.

    Neither Soc/Com use money or other CAPITAL devices as driving motivators to begin with. All "Failed" Soc/Com has been State Capitalism. Soc/Com require intelligence to operate- use it as currency.

    It was never any Liberal/Collectivist constructs that killed 1-200 million over 300 years and brings us the largest mass extinction in 65 million years today, but always just one Conservative/Individualist one of Capitalism that has always projected its Individual nature over the Collective…

    Ideas and concepts can change a country or break an institution far sooner than guns or bombs can. A rough draft of the theory of political accretion lies unprotected for you to disseminate that demonstrates standard political models to be intentionally erroneous…

  3. I know ww3 is at its peak you know who else knew John titor anonymous I know you all have a better task but where is John in this all are you John how come he was around wile 9/11 and left before it happened and is there and will there be a need for the public to know the truth on time travel I am not asking for the morning winning lottery numbers all I want to do is peace every single fact about this together and put a end to ww3 you say my voice and the power to stand up is grater then the gov and has the power to stop ww3 is John titor going to help us anonymous please hear my cry for knowledge I expect your answer

  4. btw you guys kinda scare me

  5. I just wanna make it into the cheapest of all horror movies ww3

  6. kdgfg says:

    How do I talk to a real anonymous representative? I have an important secret action I would like to discuss. I do no want my communication to be public. I feel this action could save the world(that's going a bit far , maybe just the USA). Our people will go to jail for a very long time if caught . That is the risk we take. Nobody will die, our side or theirs. I feel mail maybe the the safest correspondence. Don't forget to burn the letters.

  7. Busy Bee says:

    or should all this means the will to live.

  8. Why do you think propaganda was used to insinuate that the "commies" (russia and china) are bad with terrible ideals and governing. We went tp war because of this idea of "commies"… Come on. The united states is the great babylon. The last beast, and most terrible beast of humanity. You guys call it illuminati. I call it prophecy. Read the bible more, ya'll need jesus.

  9. Jehovah, yahveh, yahweh, that name is the key to unlocking your greatest inner potential.

  10. saeed bahar says:

    Plot twist anonymous are the ones who are trying to make WWIII by sending fake information and putting it in the governments files

  11. all we need to do is stop using their money just give it back! give up consumerism! and trade and work like we are supposed to

  12. fellow members are worst enemy is not quintet or anyone else but trump Donald trump is a mortal enemy to us

  13. Pro GamerZ says:

    The Anonymous should never vanish…Keep doing these things!
    Hail The ANONYMOUS

  14. Why the voice is a little bit hard to understand?

  15. Britney Shaw says:

    interesting info honestly

  16. where can i find the full scripts?

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