Ants Go Marching | And More Nursery Rhymes | From LittleBabyBum


Download LBB videos © El Bebe Productions Limited 00:04 Ants Go Marching 01:46 Wheels On The Bus – part 1 …


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  1. Mia Wilson says:

    Good stuff ☺☺☺☺☺?❤❤??????


  3. best baby videos ever !!! my baby loves them happy mommy ??

  4. Balloon Kids says:

    Great work! My favourite is Ten Little Buses. :)

  5. My 7 old month baby boy loves all LBB vídeos, thank you guys for sharing this incredible work. greetings from Colombia.

  6. Wanted to quick pass the message my 1 & 2 year-old love these videos. Thank you for publishing them.

  7. I enjoy LittleBabyBum videos as much as my 1 year old granddaughter. They're "eye-candy" – so colorful! And quite nuanced, with things kids might not notice, such as the lift of an eyebrow or a tilt of the head.
    I rock Lizzie to sleep most nights. It's tricky, because if she's almost asleep when the next tune starts her eyes pop open and her head turns, as if she hasn't already seen it hundreds of times. I have to slowly lower the sound as she drifts off!

  8. Sara Bawany says:

    My brother always enjoys the nursery rhymes. He always watches it while eating, in the car and etc. He loves them. Thanks +Little Baby Bum

  9. Skullz Flare says:

    My 7 month year old daughter and my 12 month old son need some calm down thx you

  10. Tuyên kmt says:

    my five month old son do not eat unless i play LBB songs. thanks!

  11. Dino Hunter says:

    i'm 14 years old and i like this

  12. Thuy An says:

    very good video

  13. Martha Njeri says:

    my baby boy loves this.

  14. my little brother loves the ANTS GO MARCHING

  15. my son is almost 3 months. he loves these songs. they put him right to sleep sometimes and they calm him. when i put my phone close enough for him to see the picture he stsrts smiling ❤

  16. my 1 year old daughter knows most of these songs on here we play this for her everyday especially when it's night time. she loves it

  17. sudan says:

    so helpful for my son

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