Are We Heading for World War 3?


Nathan & Jay with the latest in geopolitics and the dangerous ratcheting up of tensions between the West and Russia. Full show: …


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  1. Trump has a comb over Nathan…LOL

  2. a long pause to make up bullshit

  3. haha it's ok nathan, I mess up all the time with the F word.

  4. I have a friend who is from Alepo currently living in Europe. He thinks absolutely without a doubt that Asad and Putin are the war criminals. I don't get it

  5. dlees says:

    good move comments finally :)

  6. Respect from the UK Nathan

  7. Correction, it's "The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion"

  8. 1burgo7 says:

    Another good video from you two good job Team LTV all the way from Australia

  9. WeAreThey says:

    I love your videos.

  10. albie071 says:

    Give Obama another peace prize. Maybe if Hitlery gets in we can give her one too, then every time she is responsible for someones death, she can laugh at the irony of it.

    Putin for president 2016

  11. kafferism says:

    uk banks have closed all rt accounts today

  12. you yanks need to clean up your act – your beginning to look like its ok for you to do it , but if anyone else does it its not ok ? im british , and im thinking your trying to pull putin into some shit .

  13. Steve Frank says:

    Didn't the Saudis end up taking responsibility? didn't Russia and Syria deny "we didnt do it?" So they are not the same thing.
    The man asking the question is comparing the two together as two similar acts. So its not a legitimate question. Russia claims it wasn't them. If they both claimed a mistake then the question could be honest and not out of context as it was presented.


    R U people retarts! WE HAD WW3 already

  15. Good going. Well informed.

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