Arrival 2016 soundtrack (Max Richter)




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  1. So sad, so beautiful

  2. Pr0x1mo says:

    At the ending of this movie… "who's the little girl?"

  3. ervajz says:

    Breathtaking movie

  4. I love this movie. It broke my heart at the very beginning and at the very end and I adore it for it.
    It is a wonderful masterpiece just like this theme…

  5. I knew it, I knew it was you, Max Richter. Only you and Hans Zimmer cut me to the core!

  6. if you saw your past and future all laid out…would you have any regrets…or want to change something?  I guess…maybe I'd say how I felt more often…

  7. Tong Gorokh says:

    it makes me cry but in good way, like old sad feeling that world always have a new beginning in the end because end of one is always is beginning of another one. Be One.

  8. Dan P says:

    This theme suits Shutter Island better. It was brought into the movie about half way in, you feel the song more through revelation in the storyline, rather than in this movie it's thrown straight in at the beginning, not even knowing the characters well enough yet to feel their loss.

  9. Just went and saw this movie tonight and had to look up the film score. I thought I was going to see a run of the mill alien flick What I got instead was in my lowly opinion the best piece of film I have ever watched. The story, the flow, the cinematography, the score, made this movie the best I've seen. I left the movie questioning my own life.

  10. Kevin says:

    What do I call this? What do I call this mix of pain and pure beauty?

  11. gnarly441 says:

    I knew I heard this song before I'm a little familiar with max Richter after I started watching the leftovers a great show with great music from max

  12. Dermot Luddy says:

    It is a great soundtrack, and Max Richter is a wonderful composer. The only problem is that Richter did not compose this piece; Johann Johannsson did., in case anyone is interested.

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