ARRIVAL IN THE MALDIVES || Maldives Travel Vlogs – Part 1


We recently returned to one of our favourite (and one of the most beautiful) places in the world – The Maldives! Here’s the first part from the first place we stayed …


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  1. Explorista says:

    I love how that woman just hugged you back thinking: 'this is odd, this dude is just randomly hugging me'. XD

  2. That looks absolutely incredible, the water is so crystal clear! The drone footage really adds to the extra wow-factor. What is the name of the place you stayed out? I’d love to put it to my list. I’m a fan of the cactus shirt as well!

  3. Angie Silver says:

    The over head shots are just amazing!!

  4. Those villas!! Great vlog and we love the drone footage. Really nice finding another travel vlogger with a big focus on food. We can't wait to see more.
    Thomas and Sheena.

  5. Guys this looks INSANE!

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