Arrival – Movie Review


Aliens come to Earth….A premise done a thousand times before in cinema, but the path in discovering why are they here is what makes this one different.


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  1. Dire Shadow says:

    It was okay. I was hoping for less emotion. More horror. The story about Aliens affecting our brain and giving us "powers" has been done to death. The fact that there is a heartstring tugging story laid over top of it all is unimpressive.

  2. PolarPhantom says:


    I like how the Heptathapods and Louise are basically Dr Manhattan.

  3. michael rame says:

    This movie sucked ass

  4. Great review as always.

  5. Do M says:

    Just watched it, AMAZING!

  6. Easily one of the best films of the year. The last time I had a plot-twist experience in the theater was for Inception, and this movie achieved it in even more style.

  7. (ಠ_ಠ) says:

    i won't lie – i was baffled by the end / twist of the movie. totally took me out of it.

    i would have preferred a more straightforward movie. like, she helps out the aliens or something

    amy adams also just isnt that interesting of an actress imo

  8. Old school Shyamalan!? SOLD. ?

  9. Nonameslol says:

    Just watched it. Amazing. That's it. That's all I have to say.

  10. Did you buy a new camera ?

  11. What happened with your energy?

  12. 4.39/10: Not enough COD

  13. Ricky32908 says:

    I really loved the ending, especially when she new (and maybe him) about their child. the child in the movie really makes sense at the end and reminded me of age of adaline in how they either have lived a long time and see things repeat themselves or know what's to come

  14. Fun stuff, now this may be a hidden gem to see

  15. MrPukestick says:

    This movie is so good it weeds out the idiots.

  16. WomboCombo a says:

    I love your movies reviews

  17. Gurglyturtle says:

    That like/dislike ratio… THE GRAY IS 2 PIXELS LONG!!

  18. Awesome job Jeremy! Always a pleasure watching your reviews.

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