ARRIVAL of His Excellency President Adama Barrow in The Gambia (Part 1)


Quite a MEMORABLE DAY for Gambians all over the world.


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  1. Sikan Ini says:

    I'm so happy this was resolved without loss of life. We love from Nigeria dear Gambians.

  2. yoda says:

    MGGA Make Gambia great again, I have high hopes for President Adama Barrow love from the United Kingdom.

  3. I'm so happy and so proud for my country Senegambia. I hope these two states will be soon one united powerful wealthy and above all peaceful Federation of Senegambia.

  4. Ousmane Sarr says:

    Nice Job ligaye bi rafète na

  5. Whatt Every says:

    GRTS, with this video quality on this historic occasion? Well, whatever, welcome back home President Barrow!

  6. why always in wolof, stop it. we are gambians do Not imitat jahmmeh

  7. baba jawara says:

    we love you mr president

  8. Fode Diba says:

    Congratulation excellency president Adama Barro

  9. Nini Prom says:

    ?My People ?. Grateful to see us gained our smile back ??? #MyPresident #TheSmilingCoast

  10. Nini Prom says:

    ?My People ?. Grateful to see us gained our smile back ??? #MyPresident #TheSmilingCoast

  11. Sarro Kinteh says:

    alhamdulillah Gambia has change

  12. DAWDA JALLOW says:

    Welcome back mr Barrow Gambia ONE LOVE

  13. Cheikh Seye says:

    his excellence Mr president Adama narrow you are welcome back

  14. thats all what Gambian army is good at match all around is just a shame that when we neede you to defend our vonstitution you were all bitches

  15. Pa Boy says:

    love you oumie jatta we proud of you

  16. may God bless our country prosperity

  17. Please don't get them wrong If they mistakenly pronouns certain names.. They will get through it gradually.. Thank you all

  18. Can we just comment without insulting, modou joof or any other person is doing his job, let's not be tribalist and try to think forward. let's respect ourselves pls

  19. ecowas,president of ecowas chairman buhari sally n senegal president as well as ecomog you have shined kept the flag of peace uphigh i salute you african dictators has learnt a hard way plz keep it up i love peace in africa congradulations my brother adama barrow maintain peace in gambia love yo enemies but dont trust them prov 3v5

  20. nicole Rohde says:

    nice job oumie may God bless you

  21. Abdou Salaam says:

    Modou Joof, you just keep kissing ass just like so as in for 22 years, and cheyy aduna … even this very minute. Just keep kissing everybody's ass. Jammeh asssssss kisser. A very quick ass kissing game change, the same game ….. cheyy GRTS crew

  22. abu zaid says:

    Wolof, Fula and Mandinka were the two other languages spoken!!

  23. lol
    sounds of a jet fighter

  24. Congratulations Gambia!

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