Arrivals [ FCO ] 151023 KBS TWICE – CREDITS OOH – AHH 하게


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  1. ohhellno says:

    uwhoaaaaaa i wanna be thereeee

  2. Arisa W says:

    this was really cool! im glad we get to see the side of them offstage haha ^^ i hope each of the girls receive more fan gifts! thanks for sharing this!

  3. Yuki No Hana says:

    I really love Momo and Nayeon <3

  4. Nho mỹ says:

    Chị em đi hết rồi còn Đào ngơ ham hố ở lại bắn tim nhỏ thôi à ^^

  5. Stella Cat says:


  6. Pandora Rose says:

    ATTENTION !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Do you guys want to help TWICE get their 1st WIN on The Show
    TWICE is currently on 2nd place only and the 3rd place points are catching up

    Stream this us much as you can coz it is a huge percentage on winning ->

    Also follow this account >> @SBS_MTV << on twitter and trend #더쇼 #TWICE
    Example: @SBS_MTV your message #더쇼 #TWICE

    COME ON GUYS , Let's do it for the girls

  7. Momo chan so kawaiiiiii. Nayeon is so beautiful omggg. Dahyun's smile is as bright as the sunshine. She's so cute

  8. xi xia says:

    Lol I hope you guys can speak Japanese, otherwise don't say "kawaii," weeabos. Though, surprised at Momo's popularity…Nayeon, and Daehyun usually get the most cheers during the stages.

  9. shin linus says:

    i dont know why but MOMO reminds me of Afterschool's NANA when she debuted.. maybe because of her blonde look.

  10. MOMO is the nicest ♥

  11. what they say? when they introduce theyself?

  12. Damn momo is so popular

  13. Jeff Ortega says:

    momo so many fandom

  14. Louis Yang says:

    Momo looks like Lee Dae Hee lol. Cute girl

  15. momo…she very pretty..

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