Arrivals (FULL Urdu )


” The saying ( hadith ) of the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him ON ANTI – CHRIST ” According to hadith, Muhammad is said to have …


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  1. its to long!"!"!"!"!"!"!"!"

  2. Hindu Guru says:

    Please My Brothers And Sisters
    Watch My Videos How Cows is So Important in india
    In Hinduism Cows Hold a Special Place of Importance and Honor,
    Hinduism Said That We Have Three Mother
    The Woman of our Birth
    The Earth and The Cow,
    Cow is Considered to Contain in itself all the 330 million of gods and goddesses,
    And Cow Urine is very helpful for our health,
    The Cow is The Most Respected And Worshipped Animal in India. in India Cow is Considered Sacred,
    So PLZ..Everybody Stop Eating our Mother Cow

  3. Amazigh073 says:

    Worship the creator not his creation.

  4. Whatever they have shown in this documentary is true no doubt in that

  5. Eko Wibowo says:

    you very very stupid guru,,,,,,,your god is animal?
    fuck your mother

  6. Jun Shakeer says:

    Can u download it in Arabic plz

  7. syedofindia says:

    wth a making Subhanalla

  8. mohsin khan says:

    bhot achi baat btae hai….

    jazalallahu khaira…

  9. Now i becom a complate Human .
    Must see 1:54:00
    if you a muslim

  10. Why are these guys not scared of Allah?

  11. Dear Viper,
    The documentary does not say anything wrong about Christianity. Infact, Christianity is part of Islam. In the Quran, there is one full chapter on Mother Mary known as Surah Maryam. What this documentary is trying to say is that there is a secret society and the members of those secret society have their own religion, which is the religion of the Satan "Shaitan". It is them who have made the American citizens dwell into all those things which are prohibited by God.

  12. imran ahmed says:


  13. allah is satan and muhammad is his messenger! This is a fact, read the Holy Bible it tells you of Jesus Christ coming in the old testament and the new testament tells us of his life and teachings, his death on the cross and his rise on the 3rd day. And was seen by over 500 hundreds of people in one day. He walked the earth 40 day's after his death and rise. And told what to look for when he returns as a lion this time not the lamb. Only way to heaven is Jesus Christ, his return to take his Crown

  14. Dear Cindy,
    ALLAH is the Almighty God and Prophet Muhammad is his messenger. We have never insult other religion and in the Holy Quran even tells the story of Jesus. He is sent as a Prophet to spread about Christianity by ALLAH. So get ur facts before insulting others religions.

  15. cindy, try comming up with a single thought of your own. every religion has fanatics. or just d
    go back to your television and let it make up your mind for u.

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