Arrivals – NEW PART 11


One of the new additions to the series … if you’re a fan of the first draft or check out this new series explores the revelations of World Religions Regarding . ..


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  1. umzarsenal says:

    @player7860 SOrry to burst your bubble but Mulims have made these videos, google it,Its part of our religion seeing signs and resisting, now you see why we are branded as terrorists n not you, Why Al Qaeda says they are muslims,they are actualy illuminati

  2. @umzarsenal

    Meh. Everyone says how their things are better than everyone elses.
    I have found enlightenment through Christianity as you have most likely found enlightenment through your religion. I don't think I'm going to change religions because of these videos.

  3. umzarsenal says:

    @ScrapChild1979 Brother I see your point but you should admit that Muslms have made these vidoes and atleast try to answer my questions and come back with a case.
    Or brother you can read the Quran for free online n English.

    It's worth atleast I try
    Dare to do it

  4. mohammed muz says:

    na im sorry i dont buy it. the media always work in that way in spreading lies and so on 2 get there money out of it. and then when Michael writes the track. They Don't Care About Us. it aint bout the illuminati n stuff. its about how the rich ppl in the world dont do nothin 4 charity. (most rich ppl). not bout illuminati.

  5. JUNAID187 says:

    whe 2pac died all these weak rappers like jayz and dre made it big. coisidetly mason rappers?

  6. The beat at the beginning, from who can I find it?

  7. player7860 says:

    @godzkitchen81 its by

    Chris Mansell – tree of life

    if you youtube this guys name you will find loads of other tracks that have been used

  8. player7860 says:

    @malsa89 yeah, i thought it was interesting as well, but i dont think too much of it, my opinion they did a doggy edit point, but then again feel free to think about it ^_^

  9. player7860 says:

    @ameronkella haha ūüėÄ

  10. Mac Jazzy says:

    I love these video's it helps me gain more knowledge. Thank you for the uploads <3

  11. He said "In Islam"

    It is not Haram completely, u see anything that has a benefit and harm is weighed in balance which is determined by Sharee'a. Some music is Halal, and some is Haram, anything involving drums is makrooh.

  12. atveus says:

    one word…PARANOIA

  13. Stupid video.

    Like MJ didnt have to sell soul to music industry. I guess this video was made by his fan. He was pop singer too and contributed in consumerism, satanism and capitalism and ruling class in shadow.

    Bob Marley is different story

  14. LagBoy86 says:

    Through music? Good luck…

  15. LagBoy86 says:

    I believe Justin Bieber is one. He's trying to steal our Daughters and Girlfriends and Wives.

  16. Bob Marley The Great!

  17. I agree the material was weak in this chapter.¬† I don't think¬† Michael Jackson and other stuff underscored your previous assertions. Michael Jackson and his whole family¬†had roots¬†buried deeply in immorality, ergo,evil.¬† After he OD'd on drugs, medical personal discovered he lied in¬†the speech he made to the public saying that the allegations were made just because he broke everyone's records.¬†¬†Anyone growing up in Oakland California¬†can learn to spot a charming liar.¬† ¬†Michael Jackson was a perfect example of Satan making evil¬†look "fair" or good as the Koran eluded to.¬† Michael Jackson was a pedophile¬†¬†and master of artifice¬†and black magic to such an extent that people would have murdered¬†anyone who said it openly . Charisma that evokes such madness,¬†idolatry and setting a trend of¬†grabbing the genitals for children to emulate, ¬†is satanic at its roots.¬† So don't bullshit me about¬†Michael Jackson bringing light into darkness.ÔĽŅ

  18. I am not muslim but I have begun to understand the hatred toward the Western immorality and degeneration in general.¬† It was a threat¬†to a country's¬†spiritual strength.¬† I know Christians feel the same toward securlar degeneration of human beings and their children.¬† However, Christians don't have the guts to¬†take assertive action against media.¬†They just preach the bad news to get money in the offering boxes.ÔĽŅ

  19. Tonite I just noticed that all the letters in Elvis spell Evil (s)¬† I never cared for¬†his music growing up, ¬†but¬†I couldn't understand why, nor of the Beatles for that matter.¬† I saw him in Vegas at the Hilton toward "the end," ¬†and he looked like the last days of the¬† Picture of Dorian Gray.¬† When I voiced my sensibility people got downright mean and abusive.¬† Again, why would music evoke such idolatry; because¬† that's what it is.¬† Many years later I grew to like some of the¬†ballads of Elvis.¬†He still belonged to an era that¬†sang about love¬†when love had not degenerated into the sleeze and S&M¬†of today.¬† So, why the hell are people surprised when children walk in with a rifle and¬†murder their family, school mates and a theatre full of people!¬†At least these videos examine the process of indoctrination.ÔĽŅ

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