Arrivals – Part 33 (your choice )


The Arrivals – Part 33 ( the choice is yours )


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  1. @angel94t umm Satan doesn't exist.. it's aliens manipulating your mind with drugs and technology ;P
    I said this above because it makes more sense than a big invisible dildo under my bed named Satan, What can oppose god's will? NOTHING so there is no evil, except what we create.. we are a part of god IF there is a god.. then WE MAKE EVIL And evil is nonexistent, if we WILL it out of existence, SO RELIGION is useless: it's full of lies to confuse your mind and brainwash you to believe that its god

  2. woooooooooooooo best video in the worldddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd

  3. lads ……THUMBS UP so everyone can see
    i can't post the link …i don't know why i can do anything but not post the link
    say anything post anything ..even removed the spaces but still can't post it
    cause some of them are going to be removed so download it from there it's called the arrivals and something with the word " noreagaa "
    cause some of it will be removed from here …download it from there and THUMBS UP!!!!

  4. Nordvind78 says:

    At 06,14 and forward..I got tears in my eyes..I totaly agree with this…to make a legacy to be proud at..For me my legacy is in my daughter..sadly i only see her some weekends but when i do i pick her up many times/day and hug her and tell her how mutch i love her..i tell her that hate and violence is a bad thing..This is my legacy…cos i have a daugther that will learn her children this thing..and mnay times she just run to me and hug me as hard as she can..pure love..U get what u give 😀

  5. 1234minhaj says:

    arent the illuminati deleting the videos??

  6. 2Bking48 says:

    God Bless Mankind. I am surprise such truth as this has not had so much views. . . .but then again the rest of the world is sleeping under the mindless controle of the New World Order.

  7. it is about time some body spoke up on the truth, thank you so much and keep up the true work because people realy need to know that we do in fact have a choice and the power to make up our own mind. thank you again

  8. Nick Martini says:

    @1234minhaj as long as people who believe or freed themselves re-post these videos there will always be videos of the truth. inshallah

  9. What's the sound track in the end.. Tell you why am I asking it… It inspires me… I am fond of listening to music and so if I am I'd listen to these sound tracks included in these episodes to run the concept in the back of my mind… Excellent work… I have downloaded the theme track but I want this sound track which is in the end of this episode 33

  10. MAR6124 says:

    i have all ep of The Arrivals.but dont download yet

  11. The ONE LONE dislike is Dajal.

  12. EliteH1 says:

    i just have to say.. this videos saved my life.. from preventing something bad to hapend… and i hope to meet each one of you guys when i have the chanse.. god be whit you all! 🙂

  13. TheRabbit223 says:

    @KevinTheMonster0298 because being "good", to those people, is boring, and being "bad" is exciting…. that would be my guess….

  14. Jbeezyburr says:

    Mashallah for this world and everything in it spread love not war <3

  15. whats the music after 4:00 ? in original vid with sound

  16. J.B. Seb says:

    Maybe we,re too much afraid… God always win…..the creator know very well what to do for us…don't get too alarmed…but open your eyes.

  17. rockershebat says:

    Why's there no audio?

  18. mike lee says:

    applaud noreaga and aschnar wakeupprojectdotcom

  19. Hmraja says:

    Is there suppose to be no sound in this video? Or is the audio blocked or disabled?

  20. Much love and appreciation be unto you all & unto your work. Peace!

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