Arrivals – Part 36 ( the story of Jesus )


Arrivals – Part 36 ( the story of Jesus )


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  1. @onlyeye1 Sorry i replied late dude. I'm just trying to fit the Bible within what we know to be history. Its like what happened in the Persian gulf. During the last Ice age the whole persian gulf was mountainous land. When the ice melted it created a flood forcing the neanderthals back then to Mesopotamia. I can say here that god was mad of adam for eating from the tree of wisdom (agriculture: controlling nature). The result was knowledge of agriculture. TBC

  2. @onlyeye1 When man discovered agriculture he thought the world was his and i think the devil continued from there to corrupt man into thinking he is god.
    Concerning the flood… i don't know what happened then i rely on the bible for that explanation.

  3. @onlyeye1 on another topic. what do you think of Buddhism, Confucius and taoism ???
    Or communism???

  4. 2paacalipse says:

    God said "this is my Son by my will"… if you do not accept Gods will…. I have nothing to say to you

  5. 2paacalipse says:

    "so God through angel gabriel inpregnated Mery thorugh His spirit"… thats exectly what makes God the father as Jesus always called Him "Father"

  6. Naughtfull says:

    In the original Aramaic, it was never said father but a word which shows respects to one who is higher.

  7. TheAyam88 says:

    For those who speaks of religious stuff by using inappropriate words don't even have the rights to comments here. comment all what you want but make sure use the little tiny tissue inside your head called brain to think what you want to say properly. i'm not angry, and i'm a muslim. Remember, Communication skills 101. first impression.

  8. randumhuman says:

    he did that 2 all human beings stupid!

  9. 2paacalipse says:

    ..and thats why we are all God children RETARD !

  10. 2paacalipse says:

    Islam is satanisam !
    In heaven, Lucifer was the lightbarrer and the poet and when he got kicked out he contuniued this on earth.
    When mohommed saw an angel he sa a lot of "light" and kuran is >>poetry<< that you recite.
    When mohommed saw the angel he shook for weeks in a bed with his wife covering him with blankets. He was scared to death because he saw satan (as everyone would be)! No one ever got scared of The Angels of God…just like Mary was not scared when Gabriel approched her.

  11. randumhuman says:

    yes we are all half gods that can perform miraculous!

  12. 2paacalipse says:

    thats a weak conclusion !
    1. They crusified Him exectly because He claimed He was God
    2. jesus as the Son of God is Gods revelation on the day of Jesus' baptisam!

  13. Hai Vu says:

    I guess the video itself is wrong; why then we believe in your video anyway? By the way the makers of the film themselves are Muslims, standing in Muslim's shoes to talk of Christianity; how can it not be that they would try to make videos for their faith? Have you ever considered reading the New Testament before making claims on Christianity? You believe there is Satan then why cant you think about the possibility that Satan would destroy Jesus's image if He is God Himself?

  14. Hai Vu says:

    If you want to ponder why Jesus is God and yet He is the Son of God. Look at the Flame burning, Jesus is the Light that comes to us in the way we can see and lead you to the source which is God (the Flame). Why needs He do (die) so? Because He loves you, there is no other way of salvation unless your sins are paid for (that is by Law). The only way to do it is to have a sinless man to die because Satan wants your guilty blood (He is jealous of men having second chance).

  15. Hai Vu says:

    See that prayers are acts of Faith towards God: Faith to believe that He is Just and Loving at the same time and to know that He will have a salvation plan for all of you. God wont be able to forgive anyhow just by asking people to pray to Him. Prayers do not erase your sins and make you accessible to God. God cannot just forgive you without a punishment or a payment made on your behalf. Yet no man can do it for you because all has sinned and fall short of His standard. So Jesus must come n die.

  16. jaleds ramos says:

    guys you should not fight over this video.when i first watch it I was enlighten whats everything is all you see people suffering all over the world.i truly believe in GOD.and they are right ANGER AND HATE is SATAN, FORGIVING and LOVING is GOD.i'm a born Christian and yes I believe that Jesus Christ will come back again.. Remember he will come back to SAVE us from satan.We, everyone has their own CHOICE to make.they are not telling us to change our religion but to wake up our minds

  17. Ruslan Ahmad says:

    this is the true story about jesus, many christians here couldn't see the fact, to see the truth you have to talk through the heart
    first please remove your anger, this video is not intended to denounce your religion, just open up your mind if you do not believe everything in this video then please discover your own answers in the same research before commenting, because of the comments that you gave there are so many elements of blasphemy and mutual discredit

  18. I am not religious but, I do believe in God. That said, what makes the Quran any more of a legitimate source than the Bible or any other Holy book for that matter? I mean no disrespect to any religion, I am just curious as to why one book is deemed to be more credible than any other? Personally, I think (all details aside) that most of us worship the same God, just in our own ways.

  19. Sorry man….you lost me on this one….If Jesus isnt all he is as the Bible says he is, then why is he not only the Messiah of the Bible but through out this whole series you say he is the True Messiah?….What makes him so special then?….why not Muhammad?….sorry bubba but i believe that Jesus is the Son of God…..and everything else the Bible says he is….ever think that maybe Horus was made to sound like Jesus and not the other way around?….You have a good series and im not taking anything away from it….Ive recommended this series to alot of my friends…..but if we are suppose to unite the monolithical religions to fight this force, then please dont step on "our" toes.  

    Ive witnessed it first hand in Afghanistan the Faith that those people have in Islam, when i sat down and actually carried on a true conversation with all the guys I worked with on a daily basis, we had an understanding and the understanding was We worshiped Jesus as our "Prophet" and they worshiped "Muhammad" as theirs, So in their eyes they understood we were all fighting the same thing and to them i was no longer an "Infidel".  They were mislead by the Taliban into thinking that we were none believers…….Thank you for doing this series, you have bridged many gaps for a lot of people.;..just be careful for i have learned that Muslims get down right irate if you say the wrong thing about Islam….Christian do the same thing…..Carry on Brothers, continue the good fight………

  20. Eccentric says:

    Good series but he misses the boat with this one. Jesus and Horus are two entirely different characters. Jesus didn't teach until he was in his 30's and he definitely wasn't born during December.

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