Arrivals Part 5 ( Pharaohs Of Today )


This series explores the revelations of the religions of the world with regard to the arrival of the Antichrist Dajjal , Imam Al – Mahdi , and the second coming of Christ .


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  1. germanboy12 says:

    time to forward these videos 😉
    You made a great job. These are thinks that we can't see nowwadays. We don't think about such these thinks and the people forgot many things. These videos are extrem Oo but they show the truth. ^^ So now its time to forward these parts all ^^

  2. ayo2411 says:

    the videos is cool but where is the utility of it?are we the savers or the sheep?if the end shall come so let it be and the god will judge us for what we were and who we are that's it…anyways thank you for the videos.

  3. uzayr sharif says:

    @MadForColors if they wanted to show it had an extended A they would have wrote Wáfi instead of Wafi.

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