Arrivals & The Wake project debunked


http : // nowhere runradio.comThis is an expose of Project Clock, who made films like Arrivals and phase 3 , as well as “The Divine book ” .. .


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  1. IdemD says:

    trying to make us Christians, i guesse ? LOL

  2. a debunked debunking movie.. you need to give one or two attribute points to your "intelligence" to notice how idiotic you sound. Sorry but somebody have to tell it..

  3. H. N Bean says:

    christians is not abrahamic religion or monotheist at all, jesus was monotheist but christians is not.. three in one trinity ? jesus is not the father or holy ghost, God is not the son or holy ghost …. simply christians is polytheist.

  4. Forock says:

    Arrivals is not Islamic. They never show full Koran verses, rather partially often changing meaning due to context. They choose the parts of Hadith or Koran that serve their purpose. It also has false claims (Ex: Mohammed had male children, grandchildren and a lineage from those). This has been proven false. All his sons died young. Arrivals repeatedly defies Islam, so please don't use it to debunk Islam. Muslims believe in Jesus too and reject Zeitgeist, so Arrivals can never be called Islamic.

  5. He's a Christian and he would love nothing more than for you to convert, that being said he is still dead on about this and about the Truth Movement in general. Chris White is on point on a lot of his videos, on the other hand he is off, albeit rarely, on some serious issues. For instance he is what you could describe as a Christian Zionist, he will support the zionist state of Israel until the day he dies no matter the PILES of evidence that they are the major factor in destroying peace.

  6. Fair to say that the Arrivals are not indicative of Islam on the whole. But you're sort of doing the same thing by implying that Muslims don't believe in the Hadith. Also by saying that Muslims "believe in Jesus", which they do, just not the same Jesus as the Christians. Please don't try to pass it off as the same because it is not, it's a slap in the face and it's intentionally misleading. You know what we believe and we know what you believe.

  7. CONT..That being said I know how you feel when someone takes and perverts aspects of you're faith to suit an argument to arrive at contrived conclusions. Zeitgeist is a perfect example of that, and it is always the same douche bags promoting the Mystery school messianic gnosticism bullshit found in Kabbala, masonry, bones, Illuminati,etc. So I understand your anger but Sheikh Imran Hosein is a nut bag and the Hadith is not a book I would want to stick up for and we dont believe in the same Jesus

  8. Good to see someone on this page here has a brain with functioning cells, there aren't too many of those going around anymore… Obviously…

  9. MrSeekLoad says:

    BUT the rest of it he is 100% right.
    Also there is a old non changed book that does talk of that Jesus did get born out of a virgin and that he got crucified. It is the Eastern Orthodox Evangelia is almost for 2000 years not changed since the apostles wrote the scrolls. But Illuminati wants us to believe the "Zeitgeist" story so they mixed with lies and truths so that we take EVERYTHING as lies when we wake up and stop believing in the revaluation and there for not attack the 666 of Illuminati.

  10. MrSeekLoad says:

    The prophecy that the Antichrist has one eye refers to Illuminati one eye symbol.

  11. MrSeekLoad says:

    He in the video is not aware of this.
    There are scrolls in the Orthodox church that are from year 34-35 made by Jesus disciples once again proving that the Jesus story as we know it is older the 150 A.D.
    But the evidence is NOT in the hands of the Catholics and looks like ALL evidence that is not in the hands of the Catholics is ignored by Christian researches as if Eastern Orthodox did not exist.They deliberate trying to ERASE history by saying that if Catholics do not have its all fake.

  12. MrSeekLoad says:

    As for the rest he s right it just does not have any links to Jesus just cause it is not said in other religions. NOT all religions and nations chose to believe the disciples and the Christians that is why there is NOT in other religions.

    Also the Jesus story that Jesus got crucified and born out of a virgin Mary is in fact form year 35 and made into the first church in year 107 A.D. and NOT by the Luciferians. The "Luciferians" despise ALL ideas of a good Jesus.

  13. MrSeekLoad says:

    When somebody tells the entire truth he would have had both eyes.
    The Anti-Christ having ONE aye is SYMBOLIC and it means the Anti-Christ is only telling HALF of the truth and you only see half of the truth and by doing so he deceives people to hate God and hate Jesus and have a twisted view on who Jesus was.
    As this guy in the video just fall in the trap to see it twisted EXACTLY the way the Illuminati wants him to see it. YES Illuminati has put pagan symbols in ALL religions.

  14. MrSeekLoad says:

    There are 8 steps from the prophecy:
    1- Illuminati makes a fake Anti-Christ.
    2- People see with ONE aye and think that it is only this Anti-Christ.
    3- Many die in war when Illuminati destroys the fake Anti-Christ.
    4- Illuminati are seen as heroes.
    5- Illuminati is in power puts the real Anti-Christ.
    6- People wake up and see with BOTH eyes and revolt AGAIN.
    7- Destruction (Armageddon) is made and many die INCLUDING Illuminati.
    8- A new system is made NO MORE Illuminati and NO Anti-Christ.

  15. MrSeekLoad says:

    PART-8 (last part)
    TRUE it is NOT the end. The bible says "there will be minimum 1000 years, then judgement day".It 's said as 1000 years AFTER the Armageddon. So the new system with NO Illuminati and NO Anti-Christ will last minimum 1000 years.
    So YES this is NOT the and of earth or of the human kind it is ONLY the end of this era. Again as the bible says "it will be as in the time of Noah" and later "it will be with fire". In the time of Noah it was not the end it was just the end of that era.

  16. Grambo4 says:

    The link to "They Are Misleading You" doesn't work – the video isn't available.

  17. To Mr. Chris White… why are NONE of the "Testimonies from Muslims" working? I clicked on other links and they worked but again…. NONE of the "Testimonies from Muslims" worked. Please refresh with functioning links.

  18. M Zaki says:

    I was wondering when the zionist/illuminati jew would come up with this kind of nonsense/lies/disinformation which GREAT videos like The Arrivals and Phase 3 so accurately demonstrated.

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