Barney Miller warns us of Trilateral New World Order in 1981


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  1. Donald Crays says:

    hiding in plain sight once again.

  2. foxxkaren says:

    Does anyone know the original air date of this program??? September 11, 1981 perhaps…

  3. To anyone else gets feels the strain of trying to wake people. On a site like this where i
    imagine everyone is fully awake, methods i've tried f to manipulate people into hearing the truth recently. I realise this is a little off topic but think we shouldn't be bound by convention when the Fema camps have guillotines in them.And i'd encourage long exchanges on youtube on "barely awake" sites to draw people in to new information.
    Here's some goyim psychology.

     1 At a supermarket checkout make people evesdrop on your conversation.I think if people eavesdop on someting they can barely hear, things like "should we tell them ,better not, they'll be too angry". they try harder to listen which is usually the opposite case. Also when 2 or 3 are talking it lends credibility as they all seam to know fine details,rather than one lone nut working alone in a sea of bullshit, as above.

    2 Pretend to lose your glasses amd ask "does this toothpaste have flouride".
    Hopefully they'll ask why but tell them it's rat poison and in tap water whether they ask or not. Same rules apply for aspertaime gm etc etc. Give as much info as they can take,don't crash their software though.

     3 Two or more stand in a super market car park occasionally subtly blocking traffic, filming the chemtrails, particularly if you can catch a good grid pattern. Point at the sky and trace finger back and forth. discuss just within earshot and try to catch they're eye.

    I think the relatively low likes on this post are a lie and why would anyone who values being free possibly dislike? This is so pernicious. We were only overmatched when we couldn't see them coming.

  4. nadnarf says:

    Today the Trilaterial commission is known as Common Purpose.

  5. Jordon H says:

    2:18 Man that sound had me fucked up for awhile lol

  6. And the dumb sheep of north america continue to laugh…

  7. TheS1E2A3L4 says:

    Evil people will tell you what they will do.

  8. Quiet Knight says:

    Man this is creepy! The outrage, indignation and information held by William Kline – the conspiracy 'nut' – were all minutely understood 35 years ago so the seed of discredit could be sown deep, 35 years deep.

  9. residentgrey says:

    it is not predictive programming you numbskulls, it is telling you something truthful blatantly.

  10. shofar 33 says:

    David Rockefeller just had his 7th heart transplant @ 101 yrs old. But there is nothing they can do for my uncle who has fluid around his heart so he'll just suffocate 1 day. I guess maybe if he had more money, they could do something for him.

  11. J Green says:

    thank u. wish people didnt sell out so fast and made statements like this more ofteb

  12. eternal me says:

    Yo modurhead, the planet OWNS US……..and the house of rothschild & co. runs humanity. ?♡

  13. modurhead says:

    the cfr and trilateral commission are radical conservative terrorist groups

  14. drumstick74 says:

    He names David Rockefeller & Henry Kissinger, two of the main scumbags who are indeed interested in installing a NWO.
    Rockefeller even admitted to the plans mentioned in this clip in his auto-biography, and Kissinger always dodges journalists, I've seen him snarl "Go To Hell" to an independent journalist (not from the mainstream owned media, who would never question Kissinger on anything).

  15. Love Matters says:

    wow why would they "as a group of whistle blowers they were" would warn us of times to come.

  16. Hana Gaamoom says:

    predictive programming.

  17. Willy Martin says:

    Reality says there are no satanic laws… and this made fun of conspiracy nuts

  18. That's why they call tv "programs" and refer to it as programming. They plant their seeds during prime-time, and watch them grow in the minds of their minions..

  19. @2:18 everyone switched back to facebook.

  20. frank zappa says:

    You are not going to believe this but I just recorded and saved that episode a couple weeks ago. I record every day on Dish channel 232 and there has been more than one episode that predicts future events.

  21. Rock Fella knew about the demise of the twin towers back in 1964.

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