Battlefield 4: IRON SIGHT SNIPER – World War 1 Rifleman Loadout [60fps]


Getting ready for Battlefield 1, using a sniper rifle with iron sights to get adjusted to bolt-action gameplay more. Hope you guys enjoy. Loadout: M40A5 – Iron …


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  1. LeGodFodder says:

    what's the name of the second map he was on?

  2. For me, you're the best BF player on the world. Your gameplays are amazing!!! <3

  3. Joe Krle says:

    @3:43 boner alert lol

  4. Tony Jimenez says:

    This has taught me it's okay to miss.

  5. Yazid Dalaa says:

    That twitchreflex hipfire tho! 🙂 Greetings from belgium

  6. Alban Nushi says:

    is there any chance to play with u m8 u are awesome sniper!

  7. duj moke says:

    Bullet Time !!! <3

  8. James Bomb says:

    Why DICE always scare of bolt action rifles?  Nerf it in BF4 ,  Put it in Scout class only in BF1.Dont they know bolt action rifles is the point in WW1 and 2?

  9. Bolt action in WW1 BF1 as a viable option must be a 1 SHOT = 1 KILL profile.

  10. Hellfire0220 says:

    SV-98 has the best ironsights for SRs. tho the SRR performs the best.

  11. n mq says:

    go and play FH2 again!

  12. i hate when they change may team especially if we were winning

  13. Tellez2k11 says:

    That slow mo was awesome, good job bro

  14. Dpi and in-game soldier sensitivity?

  15. WW1 with Magnum 44, why dont you used a 1911 .45

  16. NYG5 says:

    I wish there was some kind of bonus for using iron sights and no straight pull bolt

  17. hey I did the same thing a couple days ago but I used the M1911 pistol instead of a magnum

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