BBC slammed for false coverage of climate change


A UK parliamentary committee has released a damning report, criticizing the state-run British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) for its unbalanced and false coverage of climate change.

The report by the parliamentary Science and Technology Committee found that the BBC had used unqualified experts instead of scientists to give their views on the issue.

BBC slammed for false coverage of climate change

In addition, the committee said the BBC’s use of climate lobbyists has blurred the lines between scientific facts and belief-based opinions.

Committee chair Andrew Miller said it was “disappointing that the BBC does not ensure all of its programs and presenters reflect the actual state of science in its output,” adding, BBC’s news teams, including Radio 4’s Today program “continue to make mistakes in their coverage of climate science by giving opinions and scientific fact the same weight.”

The parliamentary panel also criticized British newspapers, including The Daily Telegraph  and The Daily Mail  for their coverage on global warning. The committee said published opinion pieces in these publications “are frequently based on factual inaccuracies which go unchallenged.”

Furthermore, the committee censured Prime Minster David Cameron’s government for failing to effectively raise public awareness of the climate science.

Bob Ward, policy and communications director of the Grantham Research Institute on Climate Change and the Environment at London School of Economics, welcomed the parliamentary Science and Technology Committee’s report.

“I am glad that the committee has explicitly acknowledged our evidence that the public interest is being harmed by inaccurate and misleading coverage of climate change by the BBC and other media,” said Ward.

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