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  1. paul barton says:

    au rft erd tyi opk bbvt

  2. good job on this vid man xd

  3. This explains that our generation is fucked up.

  4. Tony Mai says:


  5. gun guns says:


  6. 14 млн подписчиков,охуеть

  7. j wewa says:

    lol, the kid which cleared the house was a one man swat team xd

  8. Yuanyuan Xi says:

    Hey… that's pretty good…

  9. Who the hell thought this was a good idea

  10. Every thing is epic but why a 0:50 the maverick shot a rocket I don't get that

  11. Brixon Ryan says:

    Add girls in the video and kill the girls PLEASE FOLLOW ME ON FACEBOOK PLEASE PLEASE FOLLOW ME

  12. This is like a video game trailer

  13. number one can you spell number to this is the worst video I've ever seen in my freaking life it sucks whoever tried to make this up I give that person an F on a rating

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