Best UFO Sighting of January 2017 – Goodyear, Arizona, USA Jan 22, 2017


Very long Description of Sighting Report

“My daughter and I ended up driving at night time in the darkish when we found 4 lights that appeared really shiny above the distant mountains. 4 of them lined up future to a single yet another from right to remaining. They stayed stationary for a couple times and then one would fly quickly absent from the other folks leaving three in a linear horizontal line prior to it disappeared. It would spontaneously reappear and then fly above the other three, move remaining all over again and then realign with the other 4 leaving 4 brightly shining in the sky. We also noticed a distant airplane but it appeared farther absent, bigger and with blinking lights. The UFOS we noticed ended up sound shiny white/yellow and ended up amazing in opposition to the night time sky. They flew fluidly, and would move good lengths throughout the sky in an instant, disappearing and reappearing. They ended up significantly larger than stars in the sky and brighter than the brightest star. We felt enthusiastic and in awe, and delighted they would reappear so we could get superior photographs and video clips. Our neighbors also noticed them while out driving. We ultimately remaining to go residence. We have observed them prior to in a darkish night time sky above the Estrella mountains to the East. They are widespread in this component of Goodyear. We see them numerous moments a year. ”

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7 Responses

  1. hallobaaaby says:

    "Oh.mygosh." Lol

  2. Jancil Lee says:

    oh it's real deal , believe that! and there not ufo's that's an insult

  3. scifipink says:

    Looks like the real deal! But who knows? It could be drones;)

  4. Christy says:

    mmmmm lanterns ??

  5. Star Tsar says:

    Darin title needs amending my friend you wrote Best UFO Sighting of January 2016 – Goodyear, Arizona, USA Jan 22, 2017
    Should be Best UFO Sighting of January 2017 – Goodyear, Arizona, USA Jan 22, 2017 No?

  6. alien hunter says:

    see the plane above and to the right? that leads me to believe it's skydivers, but I could be wrong.

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