Best UFO Sightings 2016! SPACE To EARTH UFOs Caught On Camera!


LookNowTV Provides! The ideal UFO sightings 2016! UFO videos from The British isles, NASA, and Europe! From October 2015 to the Sumer of 2016, we review UFO videos of all styles, sizes and colours. From Triangle UFOs to a Flying Saucers Shaped Disc filmed in Europe. You are going to see these UFO videos with weighty video analysis commentary with state of the artwork filters used. Also SPAM UFO and youtube channels. What are they? Let’s take a closer Glimpse!

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Video clip Resources (In No Unique purchase)
Resource Video clip one: 10.21.2016 NASA UFOs
Resource video two: Czech Republic Drone UFO at?v=nVXhJyWljJw&
Resource Video clip three: Odd Lights In London Sky at?v=BhXr6Fywj1o
Resource Video clip 4: Dave British isles LookNowTV UFO Submission at?v=nbyxdFYFX9s&
Resource Video clip five: Pair films Triangle UFO video LookNowTV Located on the net. Can’t observe down the unique. If you know the unique post make sure you ship me a website link!
Resource Video clip 6: Lily Duran: at?v=ooj4baxDiLY&t=0s
Resource Video clip 7: CH Monkey Lillian at?v=6Z983OqCuGA
Resource Video clip eight: IAMWATCHED at?v=hl9QWJ31NR4&
Resource Video clip nine: mydejavooo1 at?v=ZPvgolX-838
Resource Video clip 10: Odd Lights In Canada’s Sky Make sure you pay a visit to resource! at?v=r-MnGKvPwhA
Resource Video clip eleven: Gary From Facebook submission!
http://www.ustream.television/recorded/89554014 Gary’s Facebook web page!
Resource Video clip 12: Bulgaria UFO or Drone? at?v=sMSIlotbTno
Resource 13: UFO Evening Colorado Make sure you lookup Enter scenario selection in. Will check out to update this afterwards!
Resource 14: FLORIDA Person Film ORBS/UFOs

Resource fifteen: Not a UFO above NEW YORK & SPAM channels Get no like a lot more advertising & back links here.
Resource 16: one/Loss of life Mattress UFO Confession! Understood now Dead Mattress! Not re-uploading now. To a great deal get the job done!
Resource Video clip 17: at?v=IDQoG3ChN6o
Resource Video clip 18: TRIANGLE UFO MUFON Scenario #77904
Resource Video clip 19: MUFON Scenario #77843
Resource Video clip twenty: Larry LookNowTV Viewer
Resource 21: UFO or the Moon? at?v=3iKvBr1PgPs
Resource 22: Alien Job interview at?v=G2xXu8_2Exo
Resource 23: Blimp or UFO? at?v=cs6Aq3sXVmw
Resource 24: Youtuber When DronesFly Missile/Rocket examine out the unique here! at?v=gI8D-dWmfcU
Resource 25: East Texas UFO ch. Checkout his ch out here!! at?v=l7evYC08lP4
Resource 26: UFO JET Video clip Anonymous Resource despatched my mailbox. The submitter required my word to keep on being private. Many thanks for releasing the video to me!

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22 Responses

  1. -_- all when u get some real shit come at me

  2. so basically he is saying it's bad to reupload other people's vids, humm, isn't what this whole video is just a compilation of ufo sightings?

  3. Heyy man. I would like to say somthing about the bid of the lady you was explaining at 14 min. so you know I am from a lil town in west Virginia who is none stop seeing this that is showed I have my mom an brother seeing and watching this as well i have tryed to get a video witch I aplaud her for getting. But I have been able to get good pics of this and with time stamps if you are interested reach me an I will send them to you for discussion. they are 100% legit from my camera and have no been touched you may do all you want to proove this but this needs out there an I feel your the guy to do it.

  4. The NASA one at 1:10 looks to me to be a night side shot vertically down or close to it, on a storm showing lightning flashes.

  5. watzizname says:

    More Dave from Cheshire, he's awesome..

  6. Ellie Bowers says:

    Awesome channel, I'm glad I found it, I'm interested in things that are for now inexplicable and for example on time 1:02:23 a light come out of your head, I got filters and I can tell you is not a bug …." mistery" keep up the awesome work and thank you.

  7. MR. Slym says:

    Hey rick, go to my channel and look at my UFO videos! I saw them today!

  8. Ik that these are UFOsp

  9. where is the big feet ?

  10. that drone has blue and red lights i seen one drone like that it even made noise its a dam drone

  11. weird shit goes on at skinwalker ranch in utah too

  12. anti tank heat seekers take off in a weird pattern sumtimes it deviates then changes direction and hits target so this is small scale rocket now big ones obiously gonna take off super fast

  13. sum missles or rockets dont fly straight and faster than jets

  14. lol start hoarding waters and mre's

  15. so all you rich ppl start building your bunkers underground at least 8 stories underground if you folks wanna live nuclear holocast

  16. nuked out earth radioation levels high inhospitable take dozens of years to heal so i dont think ? gonna just let nukes hit then they might wipe humans out with their sophisticated weaponry

  17. earth has to be hospitable to sustain alien life if they choose so that they wanna make earth their home for all the natural resources to exploit

  18. the gov has ufo type craft underfground bunkers air force. wen civil wars kicks off in america these crafts gonna be used to wipe out oppositions or resistant movement and blame it on ufos and aliens but then again wen many nukes nationwide all take off like that rocket u see here maybe the ufos come help save earth by using their lazer weapons to fire at airborne nukes

  19. the rocket it just a rocket missle launch

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