Best UFOs Worldwide UFO Sightings Compilation Of 2015 Watch Now!


Most effective UFOs Worldwide UFO Sightings Compilation Of 2015 Enjoy Now!

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42 Responses

  1. Lance Short says:

    soon our world leaders will sprout antennas and speak in a robotic voice
    beep bop bip we have come to enslave you and sleep with Miley Cyrus and create an even dumber human to replace you now be gone halfwits you must bring us nachos

  2. John g says:

    Just wanna comment and say: what technology they have its just word taking that I can't imagine to wonder, especially the last video just breath taking, the cigar shape craft is a team of grays or space people type that are exploring the earth, they do not do research nor do they stop to see what we have plans they only watch us and take there own types of photos just like if we was to travel to Hawaii, all cigar crafts are only exploring and viewing our planet as like taking a trip for there kind, over all amazing to see what 5-6 million years advanced will do! We are under 130 years from starting our planet we have not yet got our wings as a starter planet

  3. If 2 persons see a ufo, and want to film it, one of them should zoom in,
    and the other one should zoom out. That way we'll see it as close up as
    possible, and at the same time we'll see the movement. Just a

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  5. mike smid says:

    fan of robin rams cud that's ilhis indro

  6. MrTricars says:

    oh please. we have a u.f.o that flys RIGHT OVER our house. and it only happens at night. once near my bed-time. and second near the middle of the night.

  7. Erik N says:

    The first one could just be a regular airplane

  8. SnoopyDoo says:

    Shaky, blurry, dark…yep, that's what you get for UFO footage in 2015 with billions of hi-res smartphones used around the planet.

  9. dont mean to bum anyone out but i heard that government and area 51 are making ufos just too keep people thinking aliens are real i mean they could be but they could also just be csi people

  10. 3:28 that guy is using a light in the window, so that it reflex….. as u can see he moves it away at the end

  11. Norman Bolam says:

    Hi Norman Bolam from Gibraltar I seen a UFO sighting need to talk

  12. Weaboo Jones says:

    Secureteam? is this your backup channel?

  13. fuck you….. ponen la foto de un ovni en la portada de este video y no lo ponen….

  14. have to say that 5:07 is an obvious fake… the clouds vs the buildings seem to "shake" out of sinc with the camera…

  15. Hello, I just got back from Las Vegas ! I got in a helicopter and
    hovered over my home in Port St Lucie Fl. for 2 1/2 hours and simply
    waited for CA to arrive. After all the earth is spinning at 1000 miles
    an hour. Hey for 60 years I was fooled to.
    Aliens? Please, people they ARE of this world, FACT. The earth is
    protected by THE firmament, (GOD) placed above us 700 miles high. NASA
    has published a youtube admitting we have NOT been to the moon, cant get
    out, as they admit we will soon be able to go as of right now we cannot
    get out of earths orbit. BS, Orbit, orbit what, Flat Earth. 4 times he
    says this hanging in the so called space station. NASA is nothing more
    than a large addition of Disney Land. YOUTUBE this! Watch them blow
    bubbles when their suppose to be in space! There under water in a big
    fancy pool. Youtube these video's
    The earth as seen on the United Nations map is FLAT in-circled
    completely by Antarctica, Google it, 150 nations NOT allowed to go there
    because they are hiding the "molten looking glass dome" they fired
    nukes into in 1962 (youtube this to). The ball globe thing was Satan's
    fool/joke on the world to make a monkey out of God by getting the
    ignorant majority to support the big bang Bull S. I know most out there
    think they evolved from a bugger or something, not me, I was created in
    the image of God. If the Flat was seen if the dome was witnessed, of
    course then comes the question "who built that?" Back to the video,
    yes their are flying machines, and guess what there up to 8 miles in
    length! I've done my home work. You should to. Thats right EIGHT MILES.
    However and rest assured nothing, no one not ANYTHING can get through
    the firmament dome that keeps NASA in and any BS ALIENS OUT! If nothing
    cant BLOW through it neither can so called aliens get through. The
    flying machines, REAL, my wife and I witnessed one also in Port St.
    Lucie Fl. 6 months ago. Who's flying these machines, one of 200 of
    Satan's angels he fooled to follow him and were cast out of heaven with
    him! Bible this! They need flying machines, they lost their wings if
    they ever had them, their EVIL and at this point harmless UNLESS they
    fool you with their fantastic show COMING SOON as NASA has been exposed.
    They have to distract the ignorant from the Flat proofs, 200 proofs!
    Google "satellite's don't make sense!" People think the devil's in hell.
    NOT yet, he resides in Antarctica, Youtube Admiral Byrd 1942 operation
    High Jump. I know who the Admiral was talking to, he didn't apparently.
    The devil will be sent there, to hell but currently he's out to fool the
    world and apparently has, so far for 20 generations with this " we live
    on a ball BS!" Gravity? BS to. There's up, there's DOWN, people wake
    up! If you ever see one of these creatures/aliens, and you will
    eventually I promise you, give em the FINGER people and yell FU! And
    you Global trolls to! sorry. ! Simple. This is one finger God will
    approve of, as he will see who's side your on. We all sin and fall short
    ya know. Who's perfect? Only one I know, Christ. A hard test is coming
    soon, 2015 the cat was let out of the bag, FLAT EARTH. (((He has to
    come now))) because Gods flat earth creation will be common knowledge
    soon, for those with a brain anyway. He will loose followers when the
    true Flat earth is realized. So called "Big Bangs" can't make flat!
    God's existence will soon be unquestionable even to the dumbest alien
    believers and the Fox channel, trust me they will be all over this
    alien BS certainly not for God. I'm sure Satan will impresses and win
    the simple minded, the majority. The Bible says he will," FEW will be
    saved". Ask yourself, how would anyone ( the antichrist) convince /
    fool the masses ? Easy peasee japannezzee READ the comments above and
    below. OR, believe the Government, " their aliens" "not of this world"
    sound handy to the fool? After all they, our Government always tell us
    the truth. By the way, that so call moon walker, name is NOT important,
    Mr. No Body is going straight to hell shorty after his last breath, to
    God be the glory. Another fact, argue this " this life is short and
    death is certain". If you saw this and read it, Gods looking for YOU I
    believe. If anyone has an ear……. P.S. They look spookie don't they?
    Wait till you see them in hell, I read it's a terrible place to go, on
    the other hand heaven a wonderful place prepared for us. Really, you
    think Jesus was crucified for this crap? Our own Government controlled
    TOTALLY by Zionist Jews the same people (some) that murders and kills
    Palestinian men women (and children), on THEIR own land not Israel's
    land FACT, all by the will of Satan ? ((See & Listen to Youtube "X
    President Carter exposes Israel )" same as apartheid in South Africa!
    Satan conned em to kill Christ, now he's after YOU forever and ever!
    Rest assured, there will be MANY nasty ugly looken aliens in hell, you
    go, I choose God AND his flat earth. The BS and the BS photo's are only
    going to get deeper and deeper in the next few months.
    JFYI The flat earth IS AT the CENTER of the universe and EVERYTHING
    revolves around us! God doesn't fool around and this is his fish tank!
    And it's a glorious one at that. Sun Moon and Stars LIGHTS only Youtube
    this to! The Sun throws 60 degree angels every so called sun set ! How
    is this possible if the sun is 94 million miles away? Can you do
    geometry? 2 60 degree angles, whats the 3rd angel ! The sun is 4,038
    miles high the moon close to and it's FLAT AND transparent to! You can
    see stars right through it! Youtube this to!!!! Stars are suns? My God
    people how stupid can we get, me to for 61 years! The night sky would
    be FULL of light with all those stars supposedly millions of times
    larger than our Sun? THINK THINK Dammit THINK. The stupid stops here.
    Like Orielly says "the spin stops here". yea he knows the earth is flat

  16. I am Horse says:

    I caught a real UFO on camera too! You should check it out before YouTube takes it down for being real

  17. Jenny Fenton says:

    i dont think that is real

  18. that was a seen off da move signs

  19. that was a seen off da move signs

  20. is real? no is fake??

  21. There are only two ways out of this ball.
    1. through the temple. Dedicated to the faithful. All nations with
    2. Exit the open space where the aliens control, with no laws of the Torah. Laws where they worked the material. Call it hell. And so it is. That there are unkind souls. That this role. They come from 18 different levels and forms, and take each his place .. They came out of the water, and air and call you to come to them, they will be very nice and welcoming, be careful.

  22. tty j says:

    PS computers do work you know !

  23. I Am that I Am. I Am ready for one world order. I Am the President of the world people Conscious minded individual's waking up into themself Reader's are Leader's So why not read Help Me To Live Right Written by Kenneth Moses Mitchell Jehovah study to know better.

  24. Wish i also have a potato camera so i can film UFO videos.

  25. look at what we've become…

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  33. pjlucky1 says:

    fakes and drones

  34. In best UFO s worldwide the cigar shaped ones are the most imposing and bold and perhaps even a little threatening. They're rumored to belong to the Reptilians. Some of the other craft look like our test flight craft either captured or joint alien technology designed. In any event this video was most intriguing.

  35. J. Z.: Mr. President Obama The people want to finally learn the truth about the Extraterrestrial out i j.z. have the extraterrestrial on 17.1.1995 discovered no prof.stephen hawking cretin ….einstein idiot never else then me j.z. is entitlend to hold the physik nobel price since 20 years

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