Beyond Our Sight – documentary (52′)



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  1. Jack Rickard says:

    Absolutely stunning. In all respects. Just stunning….

  2. Chris Shawn says:

    Chemtrails are not natural.

  3. Why is it we only hear these things from someone on a TV show or a Youtube video. I've never had the faintest glimmer of anything supernatural happen to me nor has anybody I've ever been in contact with far as I know and I have asked, believe me.

  4. this happened to me!! at age 8 I was sexually abused and the first time it happened, I was up at the ceiling looking down and seeing it happen, I felt nothing but lightness!

  5. i ve had a near death experience and i can connect waht these people are saying. although i am not fully convinced but they gave some really good points.i ve experienced it twice..once in my really major surgery and later a motorbike accident

  6. hahahahaha NDE!!!! 4000 likes wow whats wrong with you people. Have you ever heard the word gullibility?

  7. I like that scientist are contributing to a very interesting documentary /topic – well done.. AS a healer of RECONNECTIVE HEALING, we have gone through similar challenges understanding what healing really is and how it actually manifest. Having practised this for many years I have learned that what really matters is what my Clients think and experience, the outcome of the healing performed is ultimately what counts… I let the scienctist argue their view and stick to practising my art for the benefit of all there is. Embrace the new dimension, it is stirring you in the face… It is time2heal

  8. F. Crazybone says:

    These people all have a special glow to them – I can't describe it..

  9. gracebilavi2 says:

    How about 3 people watching angels at the same time? meditation :)

  10. This subject has always fascinated me. One area I disagree with, mediums do not talk to dead people, they communicate with the living spirit that has departed the human body.

  11. Come on Richard Gere, you can take your sunglasses out, we spotted you ! Humour besides this, I very like what he's saying. It's simple and true, As life should be if you make the choice.

  12. Im rommel From manila it happened aug 27 2016 after my wife pass away July 25 2016 where christian family and when my wife pass away i was blaming myself and blaming God im not sleeping for 1 month and im always worried, and i suffered a heart failure while driving, while looking for a hospital i was shouting my wife name so i can join her to pick me up and suddenly i saw the sign os the hospital then i ask God's forgiveness that i was selfish and not taking care of my body. when i got to the ER i was conciuos all the time and my doctor told me i pass out and i was lock of oxigen and when i parked infront of the ER then i pass out my docotr said, i dont beilive him because i know what is happening i walked inside the hospital and talking to them. and i remember i felt sleep and woke up with a lot of poeple in a line it's like a battle of a lot of soldiers but they are all happy, then i ask the person beside me, where are we and he said, your save and told me just go that direction, in a far thers a person standing and people are dancing and happy. it was wird because i feel in happy also and like a new born person my energy is like a 10years old kid and its all very light. then suddenly i woke and i have a lot things in body because of what happend. i know God show me that heaven is there and my wife is happy because of her faith to our Mighty God Jesus. before my heart failure i have dreamed with my wife and only things i remember she told me (if you only knew) now i know that heaven is real and God is real and hope that this will help people to move on in their lives that God do exist.

  13. Good documentary. Very worth watching.

  14. Whit H says:

    Thank you- Great way to start my day.

  15. Angie Wilson says:

    had nde 8 years ago at age 44- if you have had one – well – you are never the same.  it comforts me to see so many on the internet – because no one really believed me….and it happened!  It's miraculous. Thank you for sharing this.

  16. Mk43305 says:

    That keyboard story was a classic American koo-koo story, If you want a real NDE smoke some DMT….. i'm out !

  17. When I was in my early 20's, I was in an abusive relationship. One day, the abuse lead to my being choked. The chaos I felt was extreme. Without warning, his hand went tightly around my neck. I struggled with everything I had but was unable to win. Suddenly, I began to hear myself speaking. Everything was dark. Everything was peaceful. The voice I heard was my own. I coached myself. "Well Kimberly, this is what happens when you die, you've always wondered. Your daughter is in there on the couch, and there is nothing you can do about it." Then chaos came back as he removed his hands.
    In 2010, I was in a car accident. My face broke the windshield. Again, this tragic event, like the choking incident, was peaceful. I believe our brains are built to give us peace for that we have a hard time dealing with.

  18. my father passed in 2010 he came to me 4 times while I was sleeping. the last time he gave me a message that helped me become clean and sober from Meth and alcohol. that was 5 months ago and I will remain sober for the rest of my life.

  19. n says:

    Thank you

  20. Jose Buselli says:

    I had a few experiences through dream/vision. they were amazing.

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