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  1. diamond Samuels, walk by faith not by sight, just because you haven't seen it don't mean its real, you would believe in santa Claus, but won't believe in the Jesus the most powerful being in all multiple universes. I hope you come to revelation, I pray for your soul to be saved, please don't let this opportunity pass you by, give Jesus a chance, im sure throughout your life u gave everything else a chance or curious about worldly inhabitants that was not of God, so why not be curious about knowing Jesus,

  2. Paul Taylot says:

    just in case you didn't no Jehovah is gods name and jesus is his son .psalm 83.18

  3. Mr. Sir says:

    Early this morning at 4am there was a 4.8 earthquake in the middle of oklahoma near where i live and i haven't ever felt something like that with the aftershocks ever before, many Christians are weary of this even if it is from oil fields the bible said there would be such things and as far back i can remember no earthquakes you could feel happened, now it's almost 800 a year and you could feel almost all of them. There was a massive sonic boom that seemed to come from the middle of the town i live in around 3am a few months ago and hundreds of peoples got up from their sleep and went driving around looking for what happened because it was an extremely loud boom and there was no military aircraft around our town, what in the world could cause something that sounds like the town has been bombed by a massive explosion randomly? It makes no sense and it was loud enough to wake nearly the whole town up.

  4. Glad to hear you talking about false prophets of Satan. Especially since you are a major example of one. BUSTED, THOU EVIL SPAWN OF SATAN!


  6. mikilavush says:

    God the Father is self-existent illimitable Spirit (John 4:24) and not a man, but the Father's eternal image is a man. In John 14:9 the man Jesus says that to see him is to see the Father, which means that the Father's image is always a man and never an animal, a plant or a star, thus Jesus would never turn into a weird lamb as in Rev. Ch. 5, and the one who in Rev. Ch. 4 in place of Jesus acts as God's image, is an idol. The book of Revelation is not God's word, and if you google: mikilavush Google+, you can in Part ~ 3 of MY CHRISTIAN CONFESSION read all about my reasons for believing that Revelation was written by a secret servant of Satan (alias John) to establish credibility in advance for the Antichrist who is going to appear on a throne in the sky disguised as Revelation's "God". To deceive the world, the Antichrist will be surrounded by Satan's wonders and praised as God by false Angels and possessed animals, and Revelation's false Doomsday will come true up to Rev. 6:13.

  7. realdeal2449 says:

    Do u believe the bible is the word of God? The bible tells us that Jesus started a Church 2000 years ago and this Church is protected from the gates of hell (Mat 16:18). This Church is the pillar and ground of truth(2 Tim 3:15), and that if u do not follow this Church then you are a pagan (Mat 18:17). That all generations of this Church will call Mary blessed (Luke 1:48) and that it will have a sacrifice performed by the gentiles in all places, from morning til night (Mal 1:11). This only fits the Catholic Church as no other faith claiming Christ was started 2000 years ago according to the history they have kept. None of them call Mary blessed and none of them have a sacrifice performed in all places by the gentiles. This biblical description only fits the Catholic Church. So if u are not following the only Church that fits the description of the bible and just so happens to be the Church that gave us the bible then u are a pagan according to the bible (mat 18:17). The bible even says that just believing in Jesus is not enough, that u have to follow His will (Mat 7:21) and He started a Church (Mat 16:18). 

  8. The end of time is near of every one
    i mean just after death it's end of time on earth for every one
    and just after death every one will get the right answer for all questions
    he will realise if really he was on the right path or the false one
    that mean two directions ; paradise or hell
    so make you choice right now and dont be arragant;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;

  9. The truth is very clear and eazy
    JUST believe in GOD the creater of evry think and do good things
    peace and love

  10. kevin jones says:

    Ask GOD for forgiveness through his son in Jesus Christ name  we all have sinned and god knows this we can not stop the time what's foretold in the holly bible. god bless all

  11. Joel visser says:

    there are none i mean zero prophecies in the NT…dear christians you are blind you live in deception you follow the son of satan named jesus…the anti christ is jesus him self..wake up!!..sorry am rude forgive me..its nothing personal worship whom ever you want…remember 1 thing in the top ten God hate most is first idolatry and secont violation of sabat…yes God consider idolatry more worst then the violation of sabat…so worship a human is very bad second you have chance the sabbat..

    BTW every salvation for the jews people we see in history comes with a tribulation for example the exodus 12 million died thats more then the holocaust.

    This whole world we live in is an illusion we call it demo(n)cratie and is created by christians..the eagle!
    rome had an eagle,germany had the eagle and america has the eagle..

    anyway good luck and manny bible blessings to every one

  12. All God fearing believers, in which live in truth, please do not totaly believe this video. Please investigate for yourselves what i say, believe me not, but believe in the Most High. I call the almighty God YAHUAH and his son i call YAHUSHA (means Yah is Savation)Ha Mashiah (you call God and Jesus Christ but in the hebrew there was in His time no letter J).

    Video is partley true. What is surely incorrect is about the jews now in israel. The Jews mentioned in the bible are still in captivity spread on the 4 corners of the world. They are the blackman/negroes. Also Yahusha was a blackman. They are those who wrnt in slavery (the european converted jews now in israel never been in slavery and are the riches of the world. also in africa in the time of Yahusha lived black man slaved our white brothers the romans.
    Every truth video has to start with this undenible truth to contain the truth…so this video has a false starting point….start again….

  13. Rick Kuwera says:

    The Legacy of faith lives on. God bless you all. #PastorJackACallToRemember

  14. And We certainly sent into every nation a messenger, [saying], "Worship Allah and avoid taghūt (all false deities, etc. i.e. do not worship Taghut besides Allah)." And among them were those whom Allah guided, and among them were those upon whom error was [deservedly] decreed. So proceed through the earth and observe how was the end of the deniers.

  15. Yaniris Cruz says:

    Very much God is the way to off Love You Jesus you are the way amen forgive me for everything if I have to make you feel bad or hurt your feelings I wanted to say good night my family

  16. Adam Wedlock says:

    The Bible was written by Hans Christian Anderson.

  17. Al Carmona says:

    I suggest people read that link

  18. Doctor's at Stanford university in 2004 found that female's have two immune system's so are more intelligent & live longer & male's have one immune system and are not as intelligent & die sooner.   Regards the bible chapter Luke, Mathew as named after them for writing it in it's their journal's about them ect ect that's all anyway.  ….:)

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