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‘Titantic’ actor Bill Paxton tells the full story behind incident on the set of the Oscar-winning film that left some of cast and crew high on PCP.


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18 Responses

  1. "Bill Paxton" classic roles will always be remembered, R.I.P "Bill Paxton"

  2. Minkki82 says:

    he has a small dick, it's pathetic

  3. jeommy kin says:

    that smile he gives as he says "that seemed to help me" was so great. haha such a cool guy

  4. RIP Bill Paxton

    I'll always remember him as Brock Lovett.

    The first voice on the greatest film ever made.

  5. long Live those 80's boys. RIP Cutie pie.loved him in Aliens

  6. Great story. Awesome actor. R.I.P. Mr. Paxton.

  7. Coconut Pete is dead!?!?!? omfg….

  8. Ken Mc says:

    just a tray? rip

  9. djbside1965 says:

    RIP Bill Paxton, one of my favorite actors. You will be sadly missed.

  10. Tom Miller says:

    RIP, Bill — you were a superb actor and a great human being

  11. gower2352 says:

    R.I.P. Bill Paxton !

  12. VoltaNL says:

    RIP Bill Paxton ):

  13. Lol Damnit Bridgewater 🙂

  14. medic says`he die` : )

  15. Such a great storyteller.

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