Black Ops 3 “VERGE” DLC Map Gameplay (NEW WORLD AT WAR REMAKE!)


Thumbs up if you want more early DLC gameplay! ○ Vesper and Razorback Buffs: ○ PPSh coming to Black Ops 3: …


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  1. Still waiting for raid

  2. PM-Playz says:

    Damn TMartn back at it agin kissing activision ass

  3. Alan Chak says:

    So does this map come in supply drops?

  4. Mark Lynch says:

    BO3 has awful DLC maps

  5. RUI says:

    the satisfaction i get from hearing first on playstation

  6. [Comment Only Available In Supply Drops]

  7. xLawr says:

    "Exo movements"

  8. E Digital says:

    Cool Video! Cant wait till Eclipse goes live!

  9. let's go dude Keep destroying

  10. 412tt says:

    Safeguard on that bridge is gonna be madness

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  12. Ali-A did this map first

  13. LuckeeManiac says:

    How many cryptokeys did it COST to get the DLC2? ?

  14. What i like about black ops 1 is that it had maps in the night, maps where you where running around in roof tops at night raining

  15. SoCal Rc Guy says:

    Not cool at all, a remake is suppose to have that nostalgia, but this doesn't and plays nothing like banzai, sucks

  16. I don't even remember banzai map…

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