“Black Swan”- Hollywood Preaches Satanism


Do we need additional proof that mankind is  controlled by a satanic cult?

The Illuminati uses movies (and entertainment in general) to spread its occult dogma. Most critics are simply too dense to recognize the truth and sound the alarm.

Christianity is forbidden in the public sphere but spreading Satanism is OK? So that’s “secular” society.

One woman we know who saw this movie was so disturbed, she broke down at work the next day.

BTW, doesn’t Portman look ridiculous in this picture?

by Marcos
(for henrymakow.com)

Black Swan is one of those movies that leave you with a sick feeling in your gut. The reason is that it makes a very convincing case in favor evil.

The movie stars Natalie Portman (née Natalie Harshlag, from Jerusalem), directed by a Jew from Brooklyn who lived in a kibbutz in Israel, Darren Aronofsky and produced by a company named “Phoenix”. Aronofsky had his debut with the movie “Pi”, whose main theme kaballah and Jewish occult numerology.


Nina (Portman) is a ballet dancer in New York. The movie starts with a dream where Nina dances with a seductive male dancer, an Antonio Banderas type who suddenly changes into a demon, horns and all.

Nina still sleeps in her childhood bedroom, surrounded by plush dolls and pink decorations. She is anorexic, has no boyfriend, is possibly schizophrenic and scratches herself until she bleeds. Her mother is a disciplinarian who wants Nina to be the first dancer in the company.

Thomas Leroy (Vincent Cassel) is the French director who has just fired the first dancer from the company, Beth (Wynona Rider, nee Horowitz), after having seduced her.

Beth is approaching 30, and is disposable. After being fired, she is hit by a car and goes to the hospital. Thomas decides that he will produce the ballet “Black Swan” with the same dancer playing good white swan and the evil black swan. Nina is his choice, but he thinks she is too good and sweet and, although she can be the best white swan, she needs to find her evil nature in order to play the black swan.

Nina meets a bad girl named Lily (Mila Kunis, another Jewish actress), a dancer and competitor for the role. She has a tattoo of black swan’s wings on her back, meaning she already belongs to evil.

She takes Nina to a bar and a disco, introduces her to drugs, casual sex with men and has lesbian sex with her afterward. Because of the wild party, Nina is late to the rehearsal and almost loses the role to Lily herself. In the movie, we don’t know if Nina is imagining everything or if it really happened.

During opening night, Nina plays the White Swan and falls on stage. At her dressing room, during interlude, she is mocked by one of the dancers, who tells her she will fail and starts a fight.

Nina pushes her to a wall mirror, which shatters. She then proceeds to stab the dancer with a glass piece and changes into a demonic black swan. She performs wonderfully and, at the end, we find that in reality she stabbed herself and is dying. Her last words are: “Now I am perfect.”


(Natalie, put on a bra! Hillary can’t concentrate!)


Black Swan is a movie about mind control and demonic possession. Its main message is that you can’t achieve greatness without selling your soul to the devil and connecting with the evil inside.

Nina’s controller is her mother. She was unable to develop and is still a child psychologically and sexually. Her bedroom’s wallpaper is covered with butterflies, a reminder of Monarch programming.

When she is ripe and technically disciplined, her handler, Leroy (“The King” in French) enters her life and introduces her to evil, with the help of Lily (Lilith?).

He seduces her but doesn’t have sex with her. He just awakens her lust and greed. In a key scene, we see Leroy and Nina at his flat, where a stylized Baphomet is displayed on the wall.

Her gala night also takes place in a building where we see a huge statue of a black angel, obviously Lucifer. Nina is being invited to Satan’s side, and the reward is fame and success.

There are occult signals all over the movie, starting with the black and white duality and going through mirrors.

Nina and her mother have their mirror images switched in one scene, meaning the mother has to program the daughter to be a replica of herself.

In the end, when Nina shatters the mirror, it means she broke her personality in multiples and is ready to be possessed. She graphically changes into a demon in the screen.

It is very possible that Portman will get an Oscar for the role, in confirmation of what the movie teaches. She is an insider. That would make the movie more a ritual than fiction, much like Madonna’s kiss on Britney Spears. On the internet, Portman is well known as a mind control puppet.


Perhaps we should pay attention to the “failed” dancer Beth, who Nina replaced.  Like other mind control slaves, she loses her programming as she gets near to age 30, and is discarded or killed.

After Nina tells Beth that she wanted to be “perfect” like her, Beth says: “Perfect? I am nothing.”  That’s the fate of those who believe Satan’s lies.

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  1. All religions are hoax, mind control games. There is no such christianism you wish to sell here so it doenst exist a satanism but a anti natural perverted understanding of praying to thousands of symbols some may call god or desire. You dont take the word god into your mouth again because the only place of gods existance is in our hands, in our actions and in your mouth existing only walls. Have a think

  2. Abaddon says:

    For over 100 years Hollywood has been the most influential propaganda machine the planet has ever known, and still is. IT HAS MADE THE WORLD IN ITS OWN IMAGE. In most countries of the earth that one chooses to go to, you will see the familiar pattern of life as moulded by the morality that is Hollywood. That cinematic moral decadence has spread like a plague across religious, racial, and cultural boundaries, not even virus’s have spread so powerfully as has the disease that is Hollywood.
    Like all plagues they come to an end, and what they leave in their wake is destruction and death, and remember this is a global plague, so what does the future hold?

  3. Hillary says:

    How about a nice cup of MK-Ultra? anyone? No! alright then.

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