Book of Enoch: REAL STORY of Fallen Angels, Devils & Man (NEPHILIM, ANCIENT ALIENS, NOAHS FLOOD




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  1. I am unable to watch this because of interference , i did not see anyone else comment on this issue.

  2. Don't forget flat earth,


  4. Luanne Brown says:

    In watching this, and Gods awesomeness of creation, I had to try to wrap my head around something, the very tiniest of atoms, are still yet, infinity in smallness, it still goes on, as does the universe, infinity. Infinity in large, and infinity in the smallest of tiniest that the human eye could even see with microscopes or telescopes

  5. I think aliens came here imposed as gods and angels but everything that's in the books I believe

  6. When I first started listening to mike murdock I thought he was inspiring & had a differant way of speaking an hed joke alot. Man was I a STUPID DUM DUM!!! I was sooo close to donating lots of $$$ that I could not afford, till………..I saw all his sermons were repeats!! I thought he was speaking right that moment, an from the heart, and they all play daily. I just WOKE-UP!!!! Now I see him for what he is ….a greedy liar….conning desperate people out of their little $$$$……I only see evil & the preachers he does TV with, most are the same.

  7. Scott Fish says:

    how do u think Noah built the ark he and his sons where giants themselves Shem and one other brother had giants as children and grandchildren as well look it up

  8. 175013 says:

    your channel would be great if you you would quit screaming and you cut off the background music. talk in inside voices.

  9. who cares what color they were God created and love us all

  10. awesome video
    you do an awesome job!!

  11. Maryse Masse says:

    Wow! I have some views of it but you my dear.Again your nailed it…

  12. I love how people are so concerned about races instead of the truth and America with it's double standards of bullshit you really think Lucifer gives a shit who black or white? We are all Targets of his agenda he wants us all dead period racism just makes his job easier if you don't realise it by now so go ahead and keep being blind cuz the fallen ones are coming after us all with a vengeance so in the end what you really think your going to do? How bout not a damm thing thats why the most high is coming back to save his children and the rest that follow Satan/Lucifer/the devil is done for, period.

  13. Tonie Healy says:

    dear trey smith. currently watching a video of yours similar to this. i would like to get your opinion on the amorc?

  14. Mr. Smith Sir?

    You are truly a beautiful man blessed with vision. God Bless You. Thank you.

  15. The background music makes it difficult to concentrate on what is being said.

  16. Great video but the background music competes too much with what`s being said. It`s hard for me to understand.

  17. Eli Shepherd says:

    Trey looks a little like Richard Simmons. kinda sounds like him too.

  18. Music kills everything…

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