Breaking News U.S! TV is showing the Illuminati MARTIAL LAW Declared in South! 2016 (Please share)


Important video related with MARTIAL LAW and NEW WORLD ORDER! All American People Need to see this! Please share with urgency. This is very important …


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  1. MELISSA REID says:

    WOW, that's crazy, I live in Arkansas, I have not heard ab this, but I also live ab 2 hrs away from this area. I am a TRUTHER, but I also read the newspaper to see what controlled propagated news they have in it ( you also know that there is a "law" that must be abided by in spiritual warfare….. in one way or another, they MUST tell what they are ACTUALLY doing behind our backs! what the future is for The Americas, which is what we were originally called, and I've personally seen a LOT of it in the kids "cartoons" these days. REALLY! between that, symbolism, codes they definitely communicate what is happening. But you HAVE to be AWAKE to see it… KNOW it, with all your essence…….you KNOW it) so sometimes in the newspaper you'll see bits n pieces ab things that are REALLY going on pieces that fit together with other knowledge you've ALREADY obtained. I'll have to research this out, thanks!

  2. Luke Carter says:

    I'm not at all saying this ain't true. But look at the quality, and what hey wore in this vid?? I just saying.

  3. Jer Szak says:

    The plan is coming along nicely.

  4. Honey Pie says:

    Stop killing and raping, and then stop marshal law. Put the horse in front of the cart.

  5. John Doe says:

    Showing the Illuminati? Wth?

  6. David Cobb says:

    A cop tells me I can't walk down the road at any time of night I deside. They're dead. Not out to kill, but they better check themselves not me.

  7. David Cobb says:

    Anyone that follows this law, no matter where your at and you are over 18 might as well go put yourself in a FEMA camp and say what ever you want. At that point , you are they're slave.

  8. Steven Marc says:

    #1 problem
    #2 reaction
    #3 solution

  9. when you have communities like this I think they should be on lockdown..they don't how to control their mouth or their actions

  10. That is because people are out of control.they have to do something .if that the way they have to do it I am all for it..people have to know how to live like human.the people that don't want this,are part of the problem,they are the one out there doing what ever.we nave a right to be safe in our home.and when we walk down the street.we have freedom ,and this is what you do with you want to be slaves again .if you keep acting this way.that is just what's going to happen when you go to jail you become a slave.being told what to do.they should bring back the death chair.even for the young that's doing these crimes.people having all of these kids ,you can't control.just to get more food are messing up this country.

  11. Mr. Louis says:

    So much for ever moving to Arkansas, looks 3rd world.

  12. Robert Dunn says:


  13. G Pina says:

    Please take your meds

  14. Ron Winslow says:

    This is why we have gun rights to stop losers from breaking in. They break in you send them to hell!

  15. What are the people going to do?

  16. People pray for your neighbors and for your families and for this country!

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