Breaking News.. World war 3 going to start soon asked Putin|Must Watch


Hey Friends …..!!!you are watching channel BBC World News . This channel will provide you the latest news which are the best and mind blowing. This Channel …


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  1. Mark Felkins says:

    Right, better air!!

  2. FenoBeats says:

    so when is this shit happening been already 4 months that im waitinig

  3. ung427 says:

    This is because there are a lot of ruined technology there from a long lost high technology civilization that blew it self up 80,000 years ago. It is very interesting.
    It wasn't a hollow Earth, because this high-technology culture drilled into the Earth to tap into the heat as a source of energy. The explosion was so immense that it was almost a total extinction event. There was a genetic bottleneck that can still be traced from that time. Geologists call this the Toba event and they think that it was a volcano that exploded, but it wasn't you can still find portions of their culture and machinery at the bottom of the ocean off of antarctica and under the ice near the coast. The Nazis were looking for technology, such as the technology of the flying discs.

  4. Bel Neroc says:

    I hope you don't mind me sharing this. I actually know for a fact that Antarctica is the true North Pole, Ultimo Thule, Asgard, whatever you want… That's actually the sunken continent with is underground cities. Under World, Mu, Lemuria the Giant, home of the fallen gods. Antarctica is the North Pole. Egypt, Sumer, Babylon, and most of the Ancient World called the South North, as in the case of southern Egypt being in North Africa, while Nubia and Northern Egypt was South down the Nile River.


  6. Alperen Kurt says:

    we People stop the worldwar3 wait up only kill the last devils in this world

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