BREAKING: Obama White House Just Caught In HUGE Lie/Contradiction – See Proof Here


Please read the following brief assessment below of just how clear the Obama White House has revealed either its complete complicity in at least one of the many quite serious administrative scandals that are now ongoing, OR, Barack Obama is the most detached and incompetent president to have ever been elected to the office of president, and should resign on such incompetence immediately as he is not mentally fit to be President of the United States…

Obama White House Just Caught In HUGE Lie Contradiction

Please watch this video beginning at the 1:20 mark where Eric Holder explained yesterday that the motivation to seize Associated Press communications records was based upon “A very-very serious leak.  Among the most serious leaks – it put American people at risk.”


Now read the following excerpt from White House Spokesman Jay Carney explaining WHEN Barack Obama learned of the Associated Press-Department of Justice communications scandal:

Q    When did the President find out about the Department of Justice’s subpoenas for the Associated Press?

MR. CARNEY:  Yesterday.  Let me just be clear.  We don’t have any independent knowledge of that.  He found out about the news reports yesterday on the road.    LINK

So please now consider this reader – the Attorney General of the United States of America publicly informs the media that there was such a significant threat to American security that it required the Department of Justice to revoke the First Amendment rights of a significant media source.

And yet, despite that significant threat to American security, the White House then indicates Barack Obama HAD NO KNOWLEDGE OF THAT THREAT or the attempt to remedy that threat.  That he in fact just learned of his own Department of Justice’s potentially illegal actions against the Associated Press.


The Obama White House is placing lies atop lies now at such a pace they cannot even coordinate them on a daily basis.

Either Barack Obama did in fact know of his DOJ’s actions against the media, and then had his administration lie about it, or he has an administration that does not even bother to inform him of a significant threat to the United States.

So which is it Obama White House?  And at this point does it even matter?  You have now made it clear to the American people you are a repeated liar, an absolute incompetent – or both.    -UM

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14 Responses

  1. Stan Sikorski says:

    I guess I need to say what many think but don’t have the guts to say: This is what happens when you put inferiors “in charge”. Look at what happens to every place these obsolete farm equipment are put in charge, they ruin the landscape. Africa, Detroit, Philly, Atlanta, DC… When are men going to wake up, smell the coffee, and put honest, competent White Men back in charge? And when there are, the jews are out! The inferior darkness is a symptom, jews are the disease.

    • carl says:

      Are you taking your meds. ?The government if full of white guys from colleges that have long lists of guys that went into government.Wall street is full of white guys that robbed every American and still are free as a bird.Race is only one the human race are you part of that group ?

      • hunter says:

        Are you calling ‘white guys’ those “Semite” double citizen Khazar roaches who’s skins are whiter than my European butt?

      • Bob Spittler says:

        Carl….ever check out the make up of the faculties of most Ivy Plague colleges and U.s?….solid jew rot. What do you think composes about 90% of the parasite speculators on Wallow Street who get everything for doing nothing while us working stiffs are expected to do everything while getting nothing for it and then having to bail out these suck-worm bastards on Finance Row when they blow their jew wads on toxic investments or read the Morkowitz Portfolio Theory upside down? Who do you think financed the building of the entire Soviet regime —every brick, steel rod and strand of barbed wire—-if not the jewish money-maggots of Wall Street like Jacob Schiff and Paul Warburg? This is not to say that there are no White gentile sociopaths to be found within our midst but the vast preponderance of what you call white traitors are not White, they are ethnic jews. Could you name one major porn peddler in America who is not jewish?…or abortionist baby butcher like Kermit Gosnell?…I didn’t think so either.

        • ccblkgirl says:

          that fat f named bush look fully nordic to me dumb asssssssssssss

        • pozo says:

          you are right on most counts…. you should look into the ethnic background of the ‘so called Jews that inhabit Israel’ and most Zionism. These Jews are really Khazarsian Jews from the ancient Ashkenazi tribe. Not the true Ju’s of Israel. but they are the synagogue of Satan. Investigate, then you see why they are doing what they are doing.

      • Regina Igors says:

        Hey A–hole…. jews are not of the White race! THEY are responsible for the items that you speak. Get educated. Stan is!!

      • Logan says:

        Stan does not look like your typical anglo. He looks mixed. You could even say he looks like a jew. Hum? Anyway I agree with the Human Race as being ONE. It is sad to hear people express themselves like this. The color of peoples skin is not the issue. what is destroying this world plans on destroying all the stans as well. If he is part of the human race that is.

    • Bob Spittler says:

      Yes, they are….America is the ultimate multiculturalized-to-oblivion dirt hole of the universe. And I’ve had the guts to say that ever since I saw where the bear shit in the buckwheat in this country.

      • ccblkgirl says:

        yeah sure and there were no Indian here first, our navy goes everywhere and hurts people , where are they precious souls going to go off the map

        • 5 War Veteran says:

          It is easy to blame the military in general, and even easier to blame the Navy in specific.
          Just remember the majority of the US military consists of enlisted men. 95% are worker bees. They do as they are ordered. It is treason to refuse orders and the punishment for not following orders is death during war time.
          Also the military elite follow orders made by politicians. They are not allowed to act on their own, only to follow orders.
          Place the blame where it belongs. Remember that Barack Obama signs off on every drone strike and therefore is ultimately responsible for all civilian “collateral deaths”.
          He IS the “Commander In Chief” Yet even he works for a higher financial authority. Most notably the Zionist Elite.
          George Bush and Crew as well as Clinton and crew and Obama and crew are all guilty of war crimes.
          It is also important to remember that “We The People” are also responsible for allowing these crimes to continue. Because we witness and understand and allow it to happen and WE DO NOTHING. We sit and complain but very few of us are willing to get off our butts and act.
          I write more than 30 letters every month to politicians some months up to 100. Most of it is a waste of time because the politicians do whatever they are told to by their wealthy elite handlers.
          War is hell, and it is also very profitable for those who sell the weapons, those corporations who make the weapons and the Federal banking system that financed the expenses with “loans” to the US Government paid for through taxation by us. Yet most Americans pay no attention because some celebrity cutting off her breasts seems more important.

    • pozo says:

      Honest competent white men? Really go back to school. Study history….. past the Columbus era. go even farther than the 1st Caesars… if you can. try reading works of writers outside of curriculum. Then maybe if your lucky you’ll see past the deceptions that have clearly blinded you….

  2. 5 War Veteran says:

    Treason is treason.

  3. moose4u2 says:

    This government is out of control covering up information that all americans should know not just the chosen few .Every time they get caught they claim we didn’t tell the public because of national security or lives were at stake. Its all bull they are doing a lot of illegal things that they don’t want American citizens to know about .

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