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  1. minicoopertn says:

    Not a world war if the enemy is not an official country or government.

  2. pipflip20 says:

    A World War is a war that involve every countries on every continent. South America and much of Africa not involved yet!! Sorry UN your definition of a World War is pretty much stupid.

  3. there will be no ww3

  4. This is what isis want!!! For fuck sake!!! DEATH TO ISIS

  5. I will believe this when I SEE IT ON CHANNEL 9!!!!!

  6. Cherry pie says:

    there's more than five over in Syria so this is ww3.. wtf! they didn't think to tell everyone else..pfffft

  7. Daniel Lint says:

    only if you consider daesh mongrels a "country." does it count if the US and Israel are fighting on both sides?

  8. is that 5 countries opposing each other? or, doest their have to be some sort of ratio between who's opposing who? or, is this just let's say 4 countries on one country is a world war or even better, does it depend on the power between opposing countries?

  9. UNIDEN2211 says:

    What the heck kind of confusing crap is this, the US and Turkey, with the financial asst of Saudi Arabia has been supporting ISIS, equipping and training terrorist …..telling me the UN has declared war on its own proxy army…..Turkey is a NATO country, so how they declare war if Turkey is the biggest facilitator of ISIS?
    The US is just talking crap, dis information.

  10. William Hall says:

    World War fail. Just a bunch of complete idiots trying to justify killing innocent people. Eternal hellfire awaits them.

  11. martin evans says:

    america have started this

  12. Sean Fagan says:

    North korean military fighting isis please stop these reruns are gonna make people stop watching their boobtube and go out side.

  13. Time they were catching up…

  14. Pete S says:

    There were more than five in Afghanistan and Iraq. Hey NATO, How about adding that if one country is bombing more than five countries, it should be considered a war crime?

  15. Angel R. says:

    So if all these countries are vowing to destroy IS then I guess they are declaring war on the US since that is the only way to truly stop them. Gotta cut the head off the snake if you want to make sure it's really dead.

  16. Bruce Wayne says:

    If this is UN's definition of a world war, then we've had world war for some time.

  17. WakeUpB4uDie says:

    5 nations being involved means world war now? How many wars have NATO been involved in? So what are we now on WW6?

  18. Steven Marc says:

    I declare the U.S. useless!!!

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