Britain’s Pompeii A Village Lost in Time BBC Documentary 2016


Professor Alice Roberts joins the team excavating a 3000 year-old Bronze Age village in the Cambridgeshire Fens that’s been called the ‘British Pompeii’.


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  1. cazfarri says:

    This was so exciting to watch. I wish they made it into a series of documentaries.

  2. magnetstoo says:

    Forge fell over or the Textile-Union burnt them out.

  3. Very very much interested and hopefully to get more finding and to know where they really really came from and what they eat in those days

  4. I do not think, that, these people came from mainland Europe?
    I observe that the style of roofing is different?

    If anything, the village reminds me of North Canadian Indians?

    I'm not sure about the beads?

    Could be that they made the beads themselves?
    I sense that the beads found in the village have been made as protection amulets
    where as the beads found in Europe have bean made for fashion?

     I did think that these people made their own cloth.

    There does not seem to be any evidence of wool which could be an indication that the people were not originally from Britain?

    The swords are quite small to be considered weapon's I would say?
    I can understand that there may have been wild dogs and foxes about
    for which a small sword may have been used?

    I do not think that the fence was designed to keep people out?
    The fence itself is far too flimsy to offer any protection from attacking people.
    Plus there is no gate to shut intruders out?

    The evidence suggests to me that there was a concern over wild animals?

    I disagree concerning the village burning down from one hut?

    When you watch how the fire burns, you can see that the buildings were built that way, with fire in mind!
    If the roof caught fire. The style of the roof would cause the fire to collapse in on itself.

    It is insulting to suggest, given the find. that, these people were stupid enough to build huts so close together without considering the dangers of fire.

     I conclude, that, these people lived a peaceful existence with no real threat from any other person's, only wild animals
    and, that, either a house accidentally caught fire, killing much loved people, which caused the others to move on from grief of loss.

    Or, A great person, the chief of the village, died in the village and was cremated in his own house. which caused the others to move on?

    We know that the village owned their own boats which they probably filled with belongings and left?

     I suggest that they went further south given the amount of thatched roofing seen in Wiltshire and surrounding areas?

    If they had been attacked by other people. You would see signs in the area of occupation?
    A different settlement or signs of farming?

    A very interesting video ~

  5. My god, the first four minutes are so wrapped up in how excited the reporter is. Who gives a fuck how exciting this is for her? I wanted science, not some bitch going "wow" repeatedly.

    Half the movie is this wanna be famous reporter bitch. Fully distracting. I hope she falls into the swamp and vanishes.

  6. Nate Fellows says:

    Reminds me of Detroit. Maybe they elected a democrat as chieftain.

  7. Julia Ahmed says:

    Why image quality is so bad? why this channel called HD?

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