Bureau of Land Management Sharpshooters Edition

Robert Farago

We’ve already posted on the confrontation between Utah cattle rancher (and melon grower) Cliven Bundy and the Bureau of Land Management (BLM). Yesterday, Mr. Bundy declared a range war. So far . . . nothing. But reports coming out of the area – including intel from former TTAG contributor and talk show host Bryan Hyde – speak of a huge BLM presence outside the Bundy Ranch. The BLM’s deployed at least 100 agents to round-up Mr Bundy’s cattle from federal lands and ship them off to auction. The feds have called in sharpshooters (not snipers) to aid in their rustling court-sanctioned financial recovery operation. I’m sorry, but that’s insane on all sorts of levels. There are more than a few ways this could go wrong . . .

Bureau of Land Management Sharpshooters Edition

The BLM is shipping Mr. Bundy’s cattle to northern Utah for auction. Sheriffs in nearby counties are not well pleased with the idea of allowing “stolen” cattle through their jurisdiction. Could you imagine some kind of roadblock by local Sheriffs turning the feds around? I could. Could you imagine that getting out of control? Jesus, I hope not.

First Amendment Area near Bundy Ranch

Equally, it’s possible that Bundy and his peeps will attempt some kind of rescue operation to recover cattle on federal lands before they’re sent packing to the packing house. In both cases, a confrontation could turn ugly. Bundy is armed, but we don’t know what with. And I hope we don’t find out in unfortunate circumstances.

As I reminded Bryan, keep in mind that Waco and Ruby Ridge happened before the Internet. Back when mainstream media was the media, when the story of federal tyranny could be filtered and forgotten. Those days of electronic “First Amendment Areas” are done.

At the same time, there’s a strong anti-government mood afoot in these United States. Any injury to Mr. Bundy would stiffen the resolve of gun owners in Connecticut, New York and Maryland to [continue to] resist registration. And lead to God knows what.

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  1. 5WarVeteran says:

    I hat to put it this way but . . . You did not see the real sharp shooters. They were in ghillie suits and they were farther away.

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