Call of Duty: World at War – “The One” (Official HD)


The official music video for Call of Duty: World at War’s Map Pack 2 Nazi Zombie DLC, Shi No Numa, titled “The One.”


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  1. Brian Ortiz says:

    please remake shi no numa,verrúckt,nacth der toten pleasee!!!!

  2. If infinity ward can remaster cod4 then plz plz plzzzzz remaster WaW and don't make us have to buy a crappy cod game just to get it

  3. Alex Garcia says:

    division 9 be in shi no numa

  4. The good old zombies…fuck u bo3 zombies…i only like zetsobou no shima 

  5. hikingbird42 says:

    Back when zombies was creepy and had good atmosphere. And before they killed our Heros because alien squid gods are the cause of zambies

  6. the woonderwaffle dgeh-2

  7. Tom Mau says:


  8. RY7 Spectre says:

    Its still a badass game

  9. Samboy 935 says:

    man that zombie at 1:44 had a bad day….

  10. This song and this map were beautiful.

  11. Zeta Paw says:

    I think there well be waw2 in 2017 some of the ww2 gun was introduced in cod aw

  12. smambs809 says:

    Ah the memories

  13. Jon Deal says:

    So much better then the new crap. SOOO much darker

  14. let do this says:

    we can't forget the original wander waffe

  15. I can't experience this any more because hackers got in my account and reset everything, including the three DLCs

  16. daym! now i realized that everything really started in shi no numa…
    characters, dogs, wunderwaffe, random perks etc

  17. bertyyy says:

    Brings back so much good memories, now zombies is way to complicated and cartoony

  18. DANNY _ says:

    I watched this video when I was 6

  19. Archer says:

    This was such a good map I remember having so much fun playing it back in the old days

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