Can You Be Killed By Regulation? Mike Maloney On Brexit #3


“Regulation is the enemy of competition, and competition is the engine of growth.” In his third Brexit video, Mike shows you the devastating blow regulation and …


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  1. sbjorgy says:

    can a motorcycle pass a crash test? So, the Tata would be the same thing, talk about stupid regulators!

  2. Sekhar s says:

    Mike, British lost the world as money from China opium trade stopped after Mao revolution came aaround 1920 and when India became un-manageable with Gandhi's non-cooperation movement they lost most of tax revenues. Money is needed to support British empire and lack of money collapsed it. US empire will collapse once the China and Russia(BRICS) drops dollar and the money printing won't fund 300k US armed forces and army can't be maintained. It is around the corner -may be 4 more years . Dollar is the empire and world monetary system and US has been abusing this for 50 years or so. Now world has an alternative with China and Russia (May be BRICS) where 2/3 of the world people live and produce 60% of the world real GDP and US army along with IMF/WORLD bank won't be able to contain them

  3. Mike I dont think people drive motorcycles in the USA cause they cannot afford cars. That would be india. I think people ride motobikes cause they enjoy them

  4. People are gonna vote for free stuff and immediate gratification. Everyone on my facebook are pro EU. Makes no difference in the end since the collapse of the world monetary system draws near.

  5. What about the used car industry? If you can't buy the $12000 car then I am sure they can find a used car from $500 on up.

  6. Regulations are used to protect the big corporations. Just like the fact that raw milk is outlawed in the U.S. Since big dairy can't produce raw milk clean enough to be fit to drink, they lobby congress to pass laws making it illegal. Kinda cuts out competition from the small dairy farmers who don't have to boil their milk to kill all the filth in it along with all the antibiotics in the milk put out by the cows from treating the mastitis the cows have from cheap growth hormone.

  7. pandarama67 says:

    Those who say the only two certainties of life are death and taxes, forgot to mention war and disease. None the less, i found this interesting as i do all your videos mike.

  8. Israel T. says:

    i support your views

  9. What I don't understand is why the governments used a conversion rate with their notes. $35 bought an ounce??

    Why not just print a note that was 1gram note 5gram note 20gram note.

    Then it is very simple to keep track of everything is worth.

    Or does this expose their fiddling?

  10. Jeff Pitman says:

    Hi Mike.
    Those of us know the dangers of motorcycles. We ride them just the same. Regardless of economics. Cheers!

  11. Phillip S says:

    Does the 2nd hand car market not exist in America?

  12. Awesome video, i can see the effort you put in studying, presenting and sharing all of these to us. This video is very, very informative. There are people like me that can only gain such knowledge (economic, politics) from books and internet. You absolutely helped me a lot. If not you, i might still don't know what going on around the world and save my money to death while the tippy top of this system stealing our wealth. You have my thanks !

  13. eelco8800 says:

    People ride motorbikes because they can't afford a car? they can buy a secondhand one

  14. This is why the UK MUST leave the EU. We have a chance to start turning the clocks back by first making our own laws instead of some person in the EU who we never even elected.
    Great Mike for sharing the Brexit video on your channel, every little helps wake the people up. I'm at the stage in life now where if the UK doesn't get out off the EU, i'm selling up, i have already relocated to another country due to not being able to manufacture. I can't see it changing unless Brexit happens. Its a loaded cart with welfare dependents, regulations and the horses that's been trying to pull it has been leaving in their thousands from 2008. Soon the politicians can sit down with their self-created, socialistic uneducated, welfare dependent, Anti-capitalist, Anti-social left-wing gangs and all their regulations in trillions of debt and wonder… "where did it all go wrong".???

  15. Well made point about economic freedom in general at the end. The correlations are so obvious. However, I've travelled a bit and I think "success" on a national scale is obviously a bit nuanced. In the 21st century, a country needs a whole basket of attributes (rule of law, economic or natural advantages, property rights, cultural mindset, etc.) beyond just free trade to lift up the majority of the populace.

    Thus, places like Scandinavia & Germanic countries can combine relatively large welfare states and regulatory regimes because those same systems are to a high degree transparent, fair and accepted by the general populace. In other words, when you pay high taxes in Germany, you get roads smooth as glass, high speed trains and jobs programs that actually work. Meanwhile in America…

    The U.S., on the hand, being a very heterogenous and loosely affiliated society, cannot suddenly become Germany, no matter how much Obama wishes it. We're just not setup like that. A better example for us would be Australia, another English speaking country full of (skilled, vetted) immigrants that minds it own damn business and gets on with a high quality of life for its residents, very generally speaking.

  16. ein volk, ein reich, eine merkel

  17. Ngamer834 says:

    Someone who couldn't afford a new car could well buy a bicycle, motorbike or scooter. However as new cars lose their value quickly I'd guess they'd move into the used car market instead.

  18. My3dviews says:

    Have to disagree with you about allowing those small cars/vs motor bikes.  Safety regulations for cars does save lives.  That's why we have seatbelts and air bags.  I don't know of one person who bought a motor bike because they couldn't afford a new car.  Instead they buy a used one for much less.  For the cost of a new motor bike you can get a very good used car.  Plus, most people who do drive a motor bike, do it because they like driving them, not because they can't afford a car.  Also most of the people who have a motor bike also have a car.

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