Can You Spot The Fake Pop Star Demand?


First of all, they are all reasonable.” See how the Cast Of “Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping” did! Take the quiz!


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  1. Andy seems so grumpy in this

  2. Josh Romer says:

    demands where?!?

  3. Josh Romer says:

    those aren't Kanye's eyes

  4. I don't think anyone's nards should be the same size as a foot… unless we're talking tiny feet. Get those man berries checked out, bro.

  5. Spodrmen says:


  6. but why the lonely island and worlds funniest detective

  7. Gab B says:

    Who else read PORNSTAR instead of POPSTAR in the thumbnail????

  8. Why would anyone need to demand shit like that? That's ridiculous. If you want stupid shit, bring it with.

  9. Dalal says:

    this video was published on my birthday ?

  10. Claire SG says:

    Drinking game- take a shot anytime anyone swears in this video.

  11. What is that picture of Kanye? Those are not his eyes.

  12. Omg I love Andy samberg

  13. Logan Sweeny says:

    I got all of these right

  14. mgmtisyeah says:

    jesus christ yorma is such a babe

  15. Abyalew Bayu says:

    They're so hot.

  16. Grace L says:

    how have I just discovered this buzz feed?!

  17. solly186 says:

    the adele one is bullshit, she stopped smoking years ago

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