Casey Neistat’s Formative Moment


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  1. Enoch H says:

    I hate where I live right now, and for a long time I wanted to just leave everything behind and start a new life somewhere. I've always wanted to live in Japan (I've lived there for a year before and it was the best time of my life). This video reassures me about "leaving your current state to embrace something terrifying".

  2. this man is a legend

  3. ALI Hussein says:

    wow that was so inspirational

  4. So had sex with a random girl and got her pregnant. WOW

  5. J.POLO says:

    love that film. Well done.:)

  6. Ethan O'Hara says:


  7. Chris Thach says:

    Saw this in class :)

  8. THIS is the American dream. It's a shame that more people don't understand that you can fix a bad situation with some motivation, self critique, and self discipline.

  9. Aaron Bulong says:

    you the best. I aprecciate what you do. you have the key to success.water your plant say hi to your lion and say hi to lion. remember to use coco butter.

  10. "It only took 6 Weeks to get one of them pregnant"
    you sound like that is some sort of achievement to you

  11. Christian says:

    where the hats at

  12. Was waiting for him to do some sick trick, just once in the video. it's cool to see him end up where I was born and raised though. Manhattan is great.

  13. He looks like a meth addict.

  14. Run Sal Run says:

    I love this man, what a legend!

  15. Joe Morales says:

    One of the few that inspire me to go after my dreams AND know that I will accomplish them. Thanks Casey!

  16. It should be implemented that to dislike a video you have to give feedback or a reason for your dislike

  17. Conno r8033 says:

    Your meet romanatwood

  18. Jecker says:

    what he has done is where i want my life to go

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