CBC News 9/11 Documentary – 3/5


CBC Puts out documentary on 9/11 cover up. Featuring Richard Gage.


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  1. trdrbear says:

    9/11=US/CIA False Flag! ReThink9/11. org

    Also See: 9/11 Core of Corruption; 9/11 Conspiracy Solved; 9/11Theories: Expert vs Expert; 9/11:False-Flag Terrorism; Hard 9/11 Truth-$; 9/11 Painful Deceptions; 9/11 Key CIA Connections; 9/11 The Myth& Reality; WAR PROMISES; Loose Change; 9/11 Experts Speak Out; 9/11 The Birth of Treason; When False Flags Don't Fly; The Oil Factor; 9/11 Exposed-facts; Wake Up Call; All Wars are Bankers Wars; Truth about Halliburton; Fall Of TheRepublic; Human the film

  2. No planes hit the towers. No calls were made. Keep focusing on the Kardashians and you will do just fine, dear.

  3. @OkGoJays32 >"The evidence clearly shows it was more likely the buildings collapsed due to explosives"
    That's what a fringe minority of experts says. Since you are not an expert, I wonder how you can be so confident. Well, actually I don't, cause I understand what confirmation bias is.
    Anyway, have you ever asked yourself why the planners of this alleged inside job decided to use both: explosives and planes? Obviously, either one would have been enough to justify a war on terror.

  4. mikecorbeil says:

    Cell phone calls ?
    Look up this subject at 911review[dot]com. Calls were apparently made, but not necessarily with cell phones. Refer to that website, for I don't recall the details. And the editor of that site does support Dr Ray Griffin on much, not being anti-Griffin at all, really. There's more analysis on the phone calls though.
    BUT, it isn't likely that the 9/11 "attack planes" were really hijacked. NORAD would [never] permit such long-distance hijackings ! They were LONG.

  5. mikecorbeil says:

    JFK assassination ? Not by LHO, and very likely not the CIA alone. LHO was a patsie sort of figure.
    Moon landing ?
    Who cares about whether that history is true or not ? It has nothing to do with 9/11 !
    These two historical stories have nothing to do with 9/11 ! There might be a little relationship between JFK assassination and 9/11, but it's DISTRACTION from investigation of 9/11 !
    Such distraction is obstruction of justice !

  6. OkGoJays32 says:

    @NATOvsENEMIES "The evidence clearly shows, that the buildings collapsed due to the planes." LOL, no it doesn't. The evidence clearly shows it was more likely the buildings collapsed due to explosives. Stop being a mindless, kool-aid drinking sheep.

  7. Whether or not this is true, every government of every country in the world constantly lies and covers up stuff, and kills people to keep their secrets. That is how power works, that is what greed creates. You have to be unimaginably ignorant and naive to not believe that.

  8. "Mark Bingham, whatever." What a despicable piece of trash.

  9. I should clarify – the CBC anchor seems to be buying it until the Bingham moment. He didn't really put up a fight until that time. He goes off on the "professor" in part 4, much to his credit.

  10. I hope there's footage of these guys telling Mark Bingham's mother or Cee Cee Lyles's husband that the last words they heard from their loved one's before they died were faked. And I love how the "professor" tries to cite Bingham, but didn't know the guy's name. It's an important detail if you're going to cite it as a fake call. I wonder about the CBC anchor – he seems to be buying what they're saying.

    This is the most grotesque group of the Truth Movement. Truly disgusting human beings.

  11. Bryan M says:

    Cee Cee sounded SOOO staged. If someone had my muther fuckin plane hijacked, I would be whispering with a forceful panic in a full blown anxiety attack.
    It all sounded fake maybe with exception to the "bye". I don't know, I am so tired of this 9-11 bullshit. Reality is SO f'n weird.

  12. chrychek says:

    I wouldn't be this calm during a hijacking, nor would I need to explain to my loved one that I am ON A PLANE!

  13. @NATOvsENEMIES Oh c'mon. Eg. I have a very clear opinion about the neo cons and the bush doctrine and so on. I am fully aware about the unjustice of the war on Iraq. The bush administration has been lying and deceiving. But that's a totally unrelated topic. The evidence clearly shows, that the buildings collapsed due to the planes.
    I believed in the inside job hypothesis (basically, because it would have suited the bush administration so well.)
    But the evidence doesn't support that hypothesis.

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