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截至2014年度,中国 军事力量=== Background music : Red Alert 3 Hell march , march Soviet Battlefield 3 and the final game . If you like , please comment and subscribe …


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  1. Nam Việt says:

    Fuck china, china invation vietnam in 1979 . I hate china, vietnam will detroy china if china invasion vietnam 2rd

  2. 听说有华夏逆种出没,来冒个泡!犯华夏者,虽远必诛!

  3. jjackel360 says:

    bring back the Mongolians

  4. SU-47 says:

    the best army of the world

  5. Mike Arroyo says:

    well you guys are absolutely the best at marching, but I hope you don't go into battle that way for I would just get out my balling ball and knock you all down. Have you noticed why the US does not have huge parades, cause we train for real fighting.

  6. Made in China ????Do they really work ?

  7. great video bro keep up!!!!

  8. Chow Mf says:

    香港佔中那班人是給外國勢力利用, 他們全部都是無腦的廢柴 !   幸運的, 這只是少數人, 我們有很多很多香港人是熱愛祖國的,  祝國家富強, 國民幸福 !

  9. odeoda1 says:

    I have a chinese flag at my parents.

  10. IRAQARMY says:

    Don't play with China and Russia.

  11. Good luck form India, Asian Power should rise and unite ( Instead of fighting with each other) to stop USA's hegemony of the world. Asians should fight to remove terrorism from Asia. Russia is doing a great job in Syria. The should also unite Economically and there should be alternative world currency that only dollar.

  12. 如果大家想看2015年的军事力量视频,我会去编辑的。当然风格可能和本视频不一样,在配乐方面会加入中国军乐来加强主题。

  13. mmano manano says:

    fuck usa, and good job china its time to fuck our enemy we are leaders of earth

  14. great China long live. good people

  15. American & respecting Chinese military force.

  16. 后面的音乐不是爹4的背景音乐吗 囧

  17. incrível a disciplina emposta Parabéns

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