Chris Brown – Fine By Me


Chris Brown’s new album “Royalty” Available now! Get it on: Apple Music: Listen on Spotify: …


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  1. Ali G says:

    Its mortal kombat, the first guy he fights is like shang tsung, the second is scorpion/subzero, the third is liu kang zombie , 4th is noob saibot. Nice Chris!

  2. Steve Billy says:

    Sao a này giống CJ quá v

  3. alyssa says:

    jihoon ilysm

  4. broofaboss says:

    He's such an entertainer

  5. Hesky Beast says:

    Chris beat their ass….. just like Rihanna

  6. Love2The9s says:

    how am i just now hearing this?

  7. Am I the only one who thanks that Chris Brown should be in a Martial Arts movie ?

  8. Nani ▲ says:

    This moment *o* 5:11

  9. Eric Hootman says:

    The intro is too long.

  10. Kdogg N says:

    Best song I've heard

  11. Cassie Dre says:

    monsta x brought me here

  12. Chris u r supa talented. God bless u

  13. zakaria jama says:

    This song should of been a huge hit…

  14. Aubin Akpah says:

    i like this music?

  15. .1………, -

  16. Alex Retiman says:

    Another GREAT song from Chris! Deserves a lot more views and recognition.

  17. Furston says:

    is it me or does the video have nothing to do with the song?

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