Christian Programming Restricted From TV? New Bill Aims to Ban Faith Based Television



Congress might try to pass a bill to cancel Christian and local TV programming if it goes through.

Louisiana Republican Representative Steve Scalise presented the Next Generation Television Marketplace Act, which aims to eliminate the “must-carry” set of laws honoring free, local television.

Christian Programming Restricted From TV New Bill Aims to Ban Faith Based Television

“Decades-old broadcast, cable and satellite laws dramatically restrict access and limit consumer choice,” Scalise said in a statement.

If The Next Generation Television Marketplace Act is ratified, many Television ministers feel it will become extinct on cable stations.

“(The bill) would be a significant detriment to Christian TV stations and the viewers who rely on them for spiritual guidance,” said National Religious Broadcasters (NRB) network CEO and President Dr. Jerry Johnson.

Trinity Broadcasting Network, one of the nation’s prevalent Christian networks in America and worldwide, echoes Dr. Johnson’s sentiments.

“Anytime you decide that you’re going to change the marketplace without really understanding the marketplace we think it is a mistake, and I’m sorry that Rep. Scalise didn’t seem to know that. He certainly never reached out to any of us in the religious broadcasting community and certainly none of the local broadcasters that I’m aware of,” said TBN’s advocate Colby May who believes the proposal is “ill advised.”

“Valuable local affiliate programming, strongly demanded by consumers including myself, is proof that archaic government regulations are unnecessary today,” said Scalise, who is also the Republican Study Committee Chairperson.

NRB President Dr. Johnson disagrees with Scalise because he believes “long-standing carriage rules ensure that viewers can access the important and edifying programming their local Christian broadcasters offer free-of-charge.”

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  1. Master Adrian says:

    I am for a law that bans religion from TV, Radio and Internet, in fact from all communications!
    Religion is not information, it is indoctrination, and in fact telling people, in a forceful way and manner, what to think what to do or not do, who to respect, or disrespect! Who to honor or who not to honor!
    If a religious group wants to inform people about their way of thinking, acting and even how to live, such a religious group should create a medium of their own, and see how they get it to the people, so that people can subscribe, a tv-channel that one can yes or no subscribe to, but that is not generally available!
    Religion is something that should not be treated as a merchandise or as a commodity, religion is something that is kept behind the closed door of one’s home, it is a private matter, and if one wants to share it with others… make efforts (at your own cost and trouble) to share it.

    My opinion


    Looking up this Bill I see that it died a horrible death back in 2011 in the Senate. Now it is back in Committee and has 5% chance of getting past the Committee, and a 1% chance of actually passing. –

    Ask yourself the golden question, “Is it good for the jews?”

    As the entertainment industry which includes cable TV is 99.99% owned by jews, a law such as this passing and ‘removing’ Christian programming would have a detrimental impact on their bottom line as Christian cable subscribers would jump ship. Also, Christian programming, especially evanjellyskulls would cause the jews to lose one of their most rabid of allies. No more propaganda to support Isntreal. So in this way I’d say no, it’s not good for the jews. How will the masses of Christian asses get their daily dose of skullfucking for Istreal? Radio doesn’t offer the same production values as TV.

    So after reading the bill, and considering the effect it would have on the jews, I’d say this article is a bit hyperbolic. Eh?

    • levi says:

      Stan you are a bit mild in your outlook. This generation is the Laodicean group, they are rich, clothed, fed, have need of nothing. Lukewarm, neither rich or poor, middle class, so the purpose of life is to maintain the status quo. They are not hot or cold, religion does not inform them, it just keeps the veil of maintaining the comfort zone the measure of blessing. Morality, justice, responsibility, rights, private property all critical issues of Scripture offend the “Christians”. Kiss the beast, keep voting the communist candidates the “jew” media tell them are going to solve the nations problems and this is pure religion to America. Charles Weisman’s book “Who is Easu Edom?” tells the story of who these wicked deceivers are and why this situation exists. This book exposes the history of jews and they admit in their own writings and it isn’t what “christian religion” tells. “christians” do not seek knowledge and reject knowledge when it doesn’t suit their public education strait jacket of herd mentality mob response. Scripture tells a very different story of international geo-politics and world history from what the “jew” take over of seminary training has indoctrinated “christians” into believing. It isn’t possible to wake these people up, they will have to suffer before believing that they have played by the ‘rules’ and it ruined them. Ignorance is fatal, ignorance isn’t bliss. “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge” is what is being pushed and when a people reject knowledge, God Himself says He will send them a strong delusion so they believe a lie. Even when the lie is so self evident today, the disconnect with reality in the minds of America has them turning back to wallowing in the mire and returning to the vomit of mass propaganda.

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